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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greyst1, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Greyst1

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    Ok, so i thought i would post this because there has been alot of threads asking about the Next Z.

    First off i'm extremely experienced with mechanics and engineering in addition to Exmarks products. I've always used Exmarks from a Viking, Turf Tracer to a Z. Over the weekend i bought a 60" 27 Kohler Next Z for 10669.00 (i know, crazy). After looking at it, mowing with , annd evaulating the finish product i returned it. So here is why:

    First off, i felt the machine was well engineered....but i didn;t like the fact that so many parts were removed in this new design (i.e belts, hoses, grease points, battery placement, hardware etc...). Any time a manufacter re-designs their number one selling product with less parts they are trying to lower the cost of goods sold and ultimately lowering the quality of the machine. Example, the new vise grips from Irwin made in China. I think they made a mistake with direct drive pumps/motors buts thats only my opinion

    Ok, second can they justify this price in this economy with a un proven machine in such an competive maket place.

    But that wasn't what put me over the top. Exmark is known for its qualitymachine, cut, deck, blah, blah, blah, no arguement there. The cut on the new machine was great (but the deck wasn't redesigned, the machine was), it's the fact the this machine is now a Toro. There is so much plastic on this machine it's crazy, not to mention the craftsmenship is weak. Everything that is not held in place by a fastener feels like its about to break off. Simple test, feel the hour gauge, its not even fastened down snug, it's so loose. Now, let me say i don't have anything against Toro, they are great machines, but they aren't Exmark. If you want a Toro with an Exmark Deck for 11K, this is the right machine for you.

    In the end, i bought a 08' Lazer Z HP with a 23 Kohler 52" deck for 6850.00. This mahcine has always been my favorite, it's built like a tank.
  2. ALC-GregH

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    I would have demoed it first before I drop that much on a mower.
  3. KrayzKajun

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    cant go wrong with a lazer Z . i love mine
  4. grassaholic

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    What dealer in their right mind would sell you a mower and let you return it like that? Thats what demoing a mower is for. The only reason I would see a dealer taking it back would be because you got a lemon. Not because you decided even though the mower works fine, you decided you don't like the way they designed the mower. The funniest thing is you stated in your post that one of the reasons you took it back was because it cost too much.:laugh::dizzy: Usually if a person decides something costs too much, they don't go ahead and buy it. I just can't imagine going back to the dealer and saying, I've decided to return this $10000 mower because I decided I don't like the way it's designed and I think I paid too much for it. It leaves a nice cut and everything works fine. I just decided I don't like it. If I was the dealer I would have to tell you, you should have thought about that before you bought the mower from me.:dizzy:
  5. Crazy Cutter

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    Ok good I'm glad someone else looked at this the same i did! I read the OP three times to make sure I understood it. The machine works fine, cuts well, nothing wrong and you just up and return it? WTF dude? I think it is safe to say that you proly burned your bridges with this dealer pulling a stunt like that! Grassaholic said is best, if you didnt like the design or the price why did you sign on the dotted line and take it in the first place? Especially without demoing the unit! Not to dog pile on the poster but customers like this piss me off to no end!:cry: Can't make them happy no matter what to no fault of the dealer:hammerhead:
  6. M&SLawnCare

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    I thought the same thing. Everything negative you said about it was plainly clear before you bought it. You state its well engineered, then you go on to condemn everything from the battery placement(your kidding with this right?), to the belts, to the hour meter and even compared the mower drive system to some redesigned vice grips in china??

    I find it hard to believe a dealer would take it back because you paid too much and didn't like the new design. This post almost feels like a troll post.
  7. grassaholic

    grassaholic LawnSite Senior Member
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    I pretty much think this guy is full of it. No dealer would take a mower back because someone suddenly decided they didn't like the way it was engineered and they thought they paid too much for it. :hammerhead: This guy just wants to piss and moan about the price increase for Exmark this year. This guy obviously thinks that the changes made to Exmarks haven't been for the better. He just wanted to make himself sound like a big shot by saying he bought one of these "expensive" new Exmarks and took it back.:rolleyes:
  8. TheC-Master

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    Man you can by a lazer Z for 6850? I saw some for about 8 grand, I was thinking about how much a 48" zero turn would cause. I love my 36 but man was it pricey.
  9. Greyst1

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    I have bought several machines from this dealer and i have an excellent relationship with him which is why he let me return it. My dealer has made alot of money off me and he see's that so he did the right thing.

    No demo's were available to me at the time or else i would have. My issue is with the machine. I'll be the first to say i love Exmarks, they are great machines.

    I think dealers will see LCO's buying AS's over the stock Z. JMO

    Price was an issue after i saw what i was getting.
  10. grassaholic

    grassaholic LawnSite Senior Member
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    So the dealer took it back after you already cut grass with it?

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