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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tjlco, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. tjlco

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    Ok, hopefully this will be my last time posting a thread like Been trying to decide which exmark to get, last years 60 ultracut or last years 66 triton. Then I drove the new lazer and I am hooked this thing is awesome. My question is has anyone cut with the ultracut in St. Augustine (floratam). I will be using the mulching kit and blades so really I need to know how it mulches. Does it leaves stringers?? What about a mixed lawn with floratam and bahia or bermuda? Its my undrstanding that this deck is the same with the triton spindles? Also the one I drove had 12.5 hours, should they be ordering me a new one? That was a lot of questions, sorry its been 7 years since I bought a mower ( 2 tiger cubs) and never thought I'd switch brands with no dealer support I am going EXMARK. A 60 inch with a 29 kawasaki...good combo??
  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have owned two Exmarks, one with the 60" ultra cut and the one now has the tri advantage. The ultra cut left a beautiful cut on St. Augustine as you will ever see, and I bagged and mulched it. However, bahai was another story. It cut it but if it was real thick had to double cut it to get all the stragglers. When I did a bahai yard usually left the Exmark at home and took my deere z. Overall I have been pleased with the ultra cut and tri advantage, can't really tell any difference in the two. I have never tried the triton but have heard a lot of complaints on them. I would choose the ultra cut hands down!
  3. tacoma200

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    If your down to those 2 get the Ultra Cut and don't look back.
  4. MileHigh

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    From what I've heard the Ultracut is the superior deck.

    The triton does not do well for northern grasses that are wet and thick.

    BTW, I love my Triton, and you most likely will be pleased with either purchase.

    If you have the chance to choose though, choose the Ultracut for sure.
  5. SfTD_service_CENTER

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    for mulching i would buy a bigger motor! i seem to have the right amount of power to cut wet thick grass and mulching would put you in that category most likely, 34hp kawi will not let you down! i would make sure to get that motor on a new lazer z. if you go with a older lazer try them all out diesel, efi whatever you can try. trton might work well for you! i see one that cuts all the time on one place and it always comes out nice. one problem with new lazer z is fuel consumption wheather your using a 29 or 34 with a mulch kit they wont be far apart! so the bigger would be more ideal in your case.

    ill put it this way no deck is perfect all have a downfall or two! an serries 6 ultracut is pretty darn good in everything from deep wet to light and fuzzy! it does make mistakes just like anything else will if the conditions arent in its favor, i dont think anyone would be dissapointed with this deck, it might not mow perfect going 15mph or as fast as it can in cetain grass but it leaves a nice cut and will always get the job done and looking right no matter what. cant go wrong with a 34/60 exmark
  6. djflats

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    I'm looking at a Lazer Z AS, 60" w/ a 25 hp Kohler. It has the UltraCut Series 4 deck on it. Any feedback on this particular mower, 60" w/ 25 hp Kohler? Thanks.
    Anyone know what I might ask for my CC TANK M48, 19 hp Kawasaki 20004?
  7. tacoma200

    tacoma200 LawnSite Fanatic
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    The AS series will be close to what the regular Lazer is just with out some of the bells and whistles. Nothing wrong with a 25 Kohler, it may be a bit weak if you do overgrown lawns but it will get the job done. How much are you saving as apposed to a regular new Lazer? The AS is an entry level Lazer, basically the same machine. All the Ultra Cut decks cut "great". Go to the Exmark website and compare the New Lazer and New Lazer AS to see the differences. Go to this site, put a check by the Lazer and Lazer AS and hit compare.
  8. ricky86

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    I have had both side by side mowing at the same time on the same lawn (Ultracut vs Turbo Force). Lazer, ever so slightly, stripes better. Toro has better dischage. I feel the Toro deck is the most durable in the industry right now. What's nice about the Toro is you buy a Turbo Force and you dont have to worry about what series it is.
  9. freshprince94

    freshprince94 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I'm in Florida too so I think I can answer your question well. A company I used to work for had a Lazer Z with the UltraCut, and they still do the three houses across from mine so I have seen and do regularly see the cut of the UltraCut on St. Augustine. The cut is great IMO. No clumps or piles of clippings, no stragglers. The same goes for wet grass, these guys cut in the pouring rain and the cut is almost as good.

    I'd go with the UltraCut, the Triton is supposed to be garbage. The Next Lazer is also new, and I'd wait until they are out for a bit longer and fine-tuned.
  10. djflats

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    Right now I just cut here at the house so "too-tall" grass shouldn't be a big problem. This spring has been wet so it grew like crazy but I still kept up with it. My TANK M48 w/ the 19 is just too under-powered and is terrible on the slightest of grades. I'm hoping the eXmark will out perform the CC. I'm stopping by tomorrow to drive it and check it on slopes. I'll take these model numbers and check the other series out.

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