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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sanfordandsonfan, Sep 1, 2005.

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    I have been mowing for the past five seasons. Each year adding good work as I go. This season, I have already been contacted by several of the management companies we work for expressing interest in us for more work next season. I have been getting the small props that the big companies did not want. With the increase in labor rates over the past few years and gas prices, my competition has priced themselves right out of the work. Before everyone bashes me, and calls me a lowballer, here me out. My prices reflect my operating expenses and profit. Its just fact that I can do it for less and still make money. As an example, I started cutting a condo complex this year and I get $75.00 per cut. I mulch twice a year and trim the bushes. Every know and then they have some odds and ends they want done. This one account has been making me a crap load of money. When talking to the property manager, she told me that the association is delighted with all of our work and they are happy to have saved some money this season. Guess what, since they have some money left over, they want to mulch the beds again and plant mums for the fall. My point is this, next season when all the big companies are raising already high prices, people will be shopping and you can bet I will be picking up more choice work. Thanks for listening.
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    How long does it take you to mow the condo complex?
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    me and my sixty year old father mow, trim and blow it off in twenty minutes. When some of the owners are standing outside or walking around, we ham it up a bit and may spend thrity minutes. To me, that is good money. I only hope I can find about twenty more complexes just like it.

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    75 per cut a 1/2 hour, good we cut several accounts like that day by day.
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    I would like to have a bunch of those!

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