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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rmslawns, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. rmslawns

    rmslawns LawnSite Member
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    To all: I started with a 5x8 trailer last year which was fine for a 48 walk behind and push mower. I purchased a 54" ZTR this season and will look to buy a bigger trailer after the first of the year. I will have the 48 and 54 next season as well.

    What size trailer to those of you who have a 54ztr and 48 wb find is best? I am part time so no plans to have a bigger fleet, but I would sell the 5x8 and look at a 6x12 at least. Thanks to all in advance and best of luck to all of you for a great 2011 season.
  2. mowerbrad

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    Do you have any plans on installing a bagging system on the ztr or do you already have one on there?

    I'd go for a 6x14, I think that should be plenty big for that setup.
  3. 944own

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    I upgraded from 5x8 to a 6x12 recently on the smaller trailer I could put my 54ztr and a 21 on the back sideways when I got the bigger trailer I can put the 54ztr on and the 21 straight in and I have also had a whole pallet of mulch on the back behind my 21 so im not sure with you having the 48 but for my setup the 6x12 is plenty. Im sure I could get a 48 walk behind on there behind my ztr if I wanted.
  4. Robert Pruitt

    Robert Pruitt LawnSite Senior Member
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    before i got the trailer i now have i was putting a 52in ZTR, 44in w/b and 21in on a 12'.
  5. deere4ever

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    I bought my jd 925 and a 6.5x12 and was thinking I could load the 925 and sometimes load my dads cub cadet 1018 but bonk both will not fit.. I found that 925 to be kinda long though... I put my 6.5x12 on craigslist the other day for sale to buy a 6.5x14
  6. 944own

    944own LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know what you mean like I said in my post I used to put a 21 sideways behind my Lesco 54ztr on a 5x8 before I got my 6x12 my friend has a new jd925 and has a 5x8 he cant fit anything behind the 925 so yes it is at least longer than my Lesco
  7. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    At least a 77" x 14. Wouldn't hurt to get a 16' just in case you ever need the extra room, the price difference is only a few hundred on a new trailer.
  8. rmslawns

    rmslawns LawnSite Member
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    I can relate on seeing how much room the JD 900's take. I was thinking that I could put my 48 wb on sideways on a 6.5x12. Is a 14 ft trailer always going to be a tandem axle? I never imagined a year ago even considering going to a 14 ft trailer a year later. I cannot fit anything behind the 900 on my 5x8 so I would rotate the days I cut with the wb..then other days with the ztr.
  9. rmslawns

    rmslawns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 161 plans for a bagger. I have mulch kits on both mowers. What size trailer was that you posted on here after you bought it? I think it was yellow.
  10. Robert Pruitt

    Robert Pruitt LawnSite Senior Member
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    paid $1690 OTD for my 16ft. three years ago.

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