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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MNBOY, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. MNBOY

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    Second year in business applying ferts and pesticides. I am kind of struggling with what to do for next years applications. This year was a big learning process to me and I am looking for some advise on what to apply. This is what I was thinking thus far. Most companies around here do a 5 step fertilize application with broadleaf spraying included in some. I realize that each customer is different but I need something to start with and then I can change to meet each customers needs from there. I don't have a tank sprayer at this time and only use backpacks, but may get one. So all ferts will be granular. Keeping it at about 25 accounts this year so that I can grow the mowing portion a little more. Here it goes...

    1. Early spring: 19-0-6 Dimension
    2. Late spring (June 1 or so) 24-0-11
    3. Summer (beginning of July) 10-0-20
    4. Later summer (late August) 24-0-11
    5. Fall (early-mid October) 32-0-10

    I would spot spray broadleafs at each app as I did last year. Any comments, concerns are much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rip away...
  2. MStine315

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    That doesn't look too bad. Pretty standard. Why the high K in summer? I'd stick with the 24-0-11. Even with that you'd still get over 2 lbs. of K over the course of the season. You may want to stretch the last three apps. a little to get a better weed app. in Sept. Summer app. mid-July, Fall app. Sept. and a dormant feed in Late October. You can also put down a 24-0-11 with Merit with the July app. as needed without changing the scheduling or adding a trip.
  3. turfsolutions

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    I would make sure those mower blades are sharp and fungicides are ready with all that N you are putting down in the spring. I use the 19-0-6 with dimension only on my lawns that need an extra kick. The rest get 12% N and I am thinking of switching to straight dimension for the first ap.

    If you are having any crabgrass problems I would add a late spring pre emergant as well.

    Are you offering any optional applications? Grub control, Fungicides?

    Aside from that, it looks good.
  4. Runner

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    You know,...that's one of the bears about that Dimension ap. I sure wish they'd offer us a better formulation than that 19-0-6. I would sure love to see a higher K at that time of year, and esPECially a different N. The 50% 24-0-12 would be awesome for this. I just don;t need that "quick kick" (no scu) of N that early in the season. As far as the crabgrass goes...sheesh! I hope we don't have a 26 week spring like we had THIS year!
  5. lawn king

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    I hear that joe, we had 30 inches of spring rain here, 100 year spring rainfall records broken all over the place. We were still knocking down spurge in october!

  6. Since mnboy did tells use the rate he is applying any of the material, how do you know how muck k is being applied?
  7. MStine315

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    Point taken, I was assuming the 3-4 lb./m standard application range of those products.
  8. LonniesLawns

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    Also imperative to know what those ferts sre derived from.

    Are they scu junk or a better slow release?

    Does the K come from MOP?
  9. teeca

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    i split my pre-m apps into 2 to eliminate that surge of growth. it looks to be a total dry app program, but i'd toss in a liquid app w/ weed control
    R1: 19-0-6 dimension @ half lable rate (.5#K per k)
    R2: 6-0-0 w/4%fe w/weedcontrol (.25# per k) *LIQUID APP*
    R3: 19-0-6 dimension @ half lable rate (.5#K per k)
    R4: 24-0-11 3%fe w/ 50% slow release (.5#K per k)
    R5: 24-0-11 3%fe w/ 50% slow release (.5#K per k)
    R6: 46-0-0 @ 1#N per K
  10. GrazerZ

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    I feel the exact same way about the 19-0-6 in spring. Especially if you put it down at the transition rates up here in Maine too much N.
    I would put that 32-0-10 as app #3 and put that 10-0-20 in the late fall if I were you. The 32-0-10 you mention if its lesco has 75% slow in it which will spoon feed the grass far longer at that time with extra rains and poss higher temps hitting ya. I also think is cheaper per acre as well if I remember right.

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