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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by PlantscapeSolutions, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Next year I think I'm going to have to use again for cards. I'm thinking about just doing the late October and mid November mailing. I think I need to ditch the cards that have the yard art type stuff and stick with the classic C9, garland, wreath look. Most high end people do not want the Griswold look.

    I'm also growing leery about the longevity of all the light on frames type stuff. From what I'm seeing since I started in 2009 the lights are good for four years if your lucky. Then the sockets start to go bad and you can't replace the lights. The frames start to show wear by year 2-3 and by year 4-6 at most stuff is getting rusty. I do not want to sell a customer on a bunch of new lights for frames and then two years later they see the frames look like crap.

    It's easy to fix a bad C7/C9 socket but a real pain the have to swap out lights sets that go bad on frames. Spending hours dealing with re-stringing complex frames is getting old very quickly.

    I'm becoming a fan of keep it simple with C7/C9, garland, and wreaths. This is really what my target market wants anyway. I think the cards this year really were great for HD's target market but not for me. I think you are better off to send the exact same mailing three times as well. I'm looking for a source for high resolution clip art for next year. If anyone finds any great high res pics please let me know.

    People need to get your companies card stuck in their head and when you keep sending different cards your not building the brand identity you should be. I did three mailings and got nine jobs from it. How did you guys do?
  2. David Gretzmier

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    we did 4 mailings in November and got 20 plus jobs off 10,000 plus cards. That card was griswoldish and we still sold mostly c9 jobs from it. we saturated neighborhoods and used eddm, so no need for addresses, mailing company, just bundle cards with the right number and take to post office.

    we will be restringing a couple hundred links in the off season, for some lights that are 12 years old. The clients love the lights. we also restring starbursts, displays, etc. my 15 year old daughter can undo and restring 50 light sets in our heated garage on a big shop table in about 10-20 minutes per set.

    we are leaning more towards c9, garland, wreaths, stake light and mini-light jobs. But having something different like the links, starbursts, commercial bows and mixed garland, still defines you in the clients eyes as a professional. even though they may buy c9's, they like that you can sell higher end material.
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    I get a great response from my postcards..people hang on to them..and tell me that they are impressed with my card compared to others...Dave where do you get yours printed?..I could really use that service of bundling...I stick with c9, wreaths, minis ..garlands..people liked the roping with minis wrapped around it this year..I hooked up with a new buddy that owns a nursery and hooked me on it...I am really looking forward to next year..I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year
  4. duckbutt

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    what do you mean by "roping with minis wrapped around it"?? could you provide a picture?
  5. David Gretzmier

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    if you dig through my previous posts you can find where I print. I only reveal it to my Christmas consulting clients now. but I did tell you the cheapest best way to do it. :)
  6. addictedtolandscaping

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    Dave do you photo shop to clean up pictures or are you able to get them the way you like from the get go??
  7. TimNNJ

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    Ha indeed...around here they call live garland comes from anywhere from 15-75'..mixed, cedar, all kinds..but it is a one and done every season..but if they are willing to pay it's a nice touch

  8. PlantscapeSolutions

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    Tim if you check out you will find prices and printing quality you just can't beat. They beat the Areas printing company people talk about on here by ten cents a card. The hard thing about printing is you need to find some high res pictures to take advantage of the printing quality. The picture I used was 10 megs. The higher resolution your pictures are the smaller of a card you can do and still have a high level of detail that really jumps out at people.

    I can't do the every door thing here because you can have a 2-3 million dollar neighborhood right next to an area with older 3-400K homes that I want nothing to do with. Don't ever use the default mailing list all direct mail places will offer for cheap because they are all flawed and will waste a lot of your cards.

    The place HD used was good for address info and I suspect produced very similar results to what Info USA has done for me for my landscape/maintenance cards. Expect to pay $350 for a high quality filtered mailing list of 5,000. Even though there are contractual limits on the longevity of the ownership of the mailing list my sales person pretty much hinted I could ignore the expiration date once I take ownership of the list.

    I'm on the hunt now for super high quality holiday pictures to possibly use next year if I don't use HD again. If anyone finds a better deal on printing I would also talk to Mike Marlow because I know he is super confident in his peoples ability and if you twist his arm there's a chance he may try to do what it takes to keep people from straying to other printing sources.

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