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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kandklandscape, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. kandklandscape

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    Got tired of paying Nextel $1000-$1200 a month for cell.... got verizon now, they are telling me after anaylizing my bills for 3 months that I will save approx $650-850 a month! They are telling me that the SAME amount of minutes I have with nextel I will save that much with Verizon.

    Today is the first day in 5 years I had another carrier. So far verizon coverage is a little weaker then Nextel.

    I like the fact of voice command, programming phones tonight so I can see what all they have.

    But my ? is this, why in the world does nextel charge so much more then the rest do? It does not sound to me like this is a salesmans pitch because he analized the bills right with me, over a 3 mo period sold me EXACTLY what I needed...

    So I was thinking of JUST getting nextel walkie talkie, thought about buying radios but gosh the cost, $35 a mo for walkie talkies.... so $70 compared to $4000 for radios, sounds alot better. Of course 4000$ over time would pay off but paying $70 a month seems more efficent to do nextel.

    ANyone switch from nextel to verizon. BTW we did not get the PTT with verizon as i heard it sucks, From about 50 ppl who have it. Do you prefer direct connect or making a phone call?
  2. kandklandscape

    kandklandscape LawnSite Senior Member
    from PA
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    Verizon told me and he assured as long as no min overages, which we barely do we will be paying $350 for what nextelgave us.

    I had nextel unlimited 199$ sweet deal! unlimited everything! But now since i got verizon, i have 6000 min for $199 that sucks a little bit, because everyonce in a while i do use a little over 6000 min, most i used in one month after analizing the bills was 6200..... i have used 10000 min before when we were in the busiest time during summer. so i will be screwed then. just need to watch myself.

    $350 for 5 lines of cell service is not bad, seeing mine is $199 the rest is shared minutes that are split between the other 4 lines. they rarely use there phone, plus they will now get free verizon to verizon.
  3. AI Inc

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    I have both , I pay nextell about $300 a month for a total of 4 phones 200 minutes on 3 and 1200 minutes on my personal one. I also pay verizon $79 a month for 1 single phone for me, Basicaly a backup for areas where nextel is weak.
    I like PTT a lot more then making a call , fast and easy.
  4. kandklandscape

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    from PA
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    DC is great! I loved it, but my god the company can find many more ways to spend 1000-1200 a month for cell phones. we already have 8 other lines, landlines, phones are so freaking expensive!

    we are thinking of getting nextel DC in about a month or so, or getting radios, seeing what would be cheaper in the long run, radios sound cheaper but start up cost is alot, plus you need to buy batteries every 2 years or so.
  5. Runner

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    One thing to consider, is that you may have used 10,000 min. during the summer before, but if you are talking to others (customers and such) on their cell phones, most people use Verizon, now, anytime you are talking to Verizon users, there is no deduction from that. Verizon to Verizon is free.
  6. grass-scapes

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    since most of my calls are incoming, I have the unlimited incoming calls from Nextel. I just bumped up my plan from the 500 minutes to the 800 outgoing minutes and pay 5 bucks for 7 pm nights (free after 7) I kept getting close to the 500 minutes so thats why I bumped it up. its like 84 bucks for my line plus taxes.
  7. shiveslandcsaping

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    Yea I have free incoming as well. And for the others if they dont all have to have phone minutes get a small minute share plan and how ever many phones you need and restrict the phone usage on the ones that dont need it and they will still have DC.
  8. cpel2004

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    Nextel/sprint Is The Antichrist! They Always Overcharge!
  9. LawnSite Member
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    I am so hooked on the DC!! Its the oly way I like to talk when its snowing MUCH fast er and easier to do when plowing all my guys have it and If they dont Im looking at a Boost for them. I pay ALOT too

    I have 4 verizon Phones for the family and my Nextel
    About 300 or so per MO for all. I think thats alot for phones but what can you do they have us all hooked we like having phones...
  10. Xtreme Lawns by Roger Inc

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    I left nextel for overcharges and switched over to att and got a way cheaper plan 6 lines 9000 minutes and never looked back.. direct connect over rated!!!

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