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NH guys.....


LawnSite Senior Member
Cape Cod, Ma
Can someone tell me the name of a Toro dealer where I could buy walk behind mowers thats in NH close to the MA-NH border?


LawnSite Member
Rollinsford, NH
If you want to drive an extra 20 minutes up I-95 to the NH-ME border I can tell you where an Exmark/Toro dealer is.


LawnSite Member
Portsmouth, NH
Anywhere but F____bricks, next best suggestion would be Haydens in NewFields, NH i got thier card right here,

J.M. hayden Equipment Company, route 108 Newfields NH

I got screwed by 'Fbricks' pretty hard on a new equipment purchase in my newbie days


LawnSite Senior Member
Coastal NH
while i have purchased over 5 toro z master from Philbricks in the past 6 years, you might want to try Granz Turf Depot in Salem, NH. They are great guys, know their stuff and they have a Proparts division which is awesome. Philbricks does not have a great reputation in the past, but they have made me their "poster boy" for new commercial sales. They have excellent pricing there.