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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cat2, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. cat2

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    Hey everyone just wonder how New Holland compares to John Deere. Lot of people say they are the same. Which they are some. Which one has better visibly, more power, which one seems to get more boom slack? Which one is cheaper? on johndeere.com/digdeeper NH can't lift it but JD will. Is this ture your put on some how? I never seen a NH with more than 4,000 hours on it before. Bobcat will outlast both of them right?:confused: :)
  2. Fieldman12

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    The Deere and New Holland are real close in design. New Holland built Deere skids steers all the way up until 99. That is when Deere released the 200 Series skid steer. The Deere's have more hydraulic power. There is a bunch of New Holland's out there with high hours just as well as Deere's. As far as boom sway all Vertical lifts have some. I would say they are pretty comparible as far as that goes. I dont think the Bobcat's are a better machine. I would say they all three have there good points and bad points.
  3. kreft

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    I second that!
  4. cat2

    cat2 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Mi
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    Is one more reliable than the other? Is what i'm getting at:confused: what is the most hours you ever seen on NH, and JD
  5. Fieldman12

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    I have saw some of the old New Hollands with over 6,000 hours and some of the Deere's with over 5,000. I think the Deeres will run just as long but like I said they have not built there own for very long.
  6. Fieldman12

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    I have seen over 6,000 on Bobcats but that was the old machines. People I know that have them say the old ones would run forever but the newer ones they have they seem to have allot more problems with. They claim since Ingersoll Rand got them that they are not the same machines they once where. I like Bobcat machines as far as that goes. I just think you pay allot more for there name. The way Deere is going at least around here they are getting a good reputation. I see the price going up on them also. I looked at a Deere 332 CTL on a lot a few weeks ago that listed for $64,000.00. I never asked to see what it would take to bring it home but to me I thought that was a bunch.
  7. Mike33

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    I think nh must be the ugliest machine i ever seen. But looks dont make you $.
  8. SiteSolutions

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    Have you seen the new Case machines?
  9. SinjonAssociates

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    These threads have been beaten to death x-vs-y-vs-z. As Fieldman12 said each has their + and -. I think that each machine has one variable, the operator, if they are skilled they can use a less powerfull machine to do things that a less skilled operator can' t do with a more powerfull machine.
    And yes I do own the ugliest machine(LS 185.b) that Mike 33 has ever seen and wouldn't trade it for any other=;)
  10. Tigerotor77W

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    Perfect example of completely different thinking: I won't discuss functionality, but I think the NH is the best-looking skid steer out there. It looks sleek to me. :dancing:

    But as you say, looks don't make money...

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