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  1. Would a NHlx665 be able to lift and handle a 2000# pallet.

    If so how well can it carry it.

    2000# Pallet of fert for an example.
  2. Guido

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    was a model 655......

    Hopefully we're talking about the same thing...New Holland??
  3. Yes 665 Dave. It's the turbo model of the 655, with a little higher weigh carring cap.

    I think the Ts170 is the same.

    Dealer said it will.

    Specs say it could.

    I wanted to know if it WILL.
  4. paul

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    LX665 rated at 1700 lbs tipping load 2500 lbs. it will lift 2000 lbs we have grunted up 3000 lbs with a weight kit, You don't want to take 3000 lbs off a trailer!!!!!
  5. CHC

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    Ours would lift a 30 bag skid of 80#deice salt bags off a 3'high trailer; felt light in the rear, but didn't tip. Recently moved up to a NH Ls180, 'cause we had trouble moving paver pallets. 665 is a good machine.
  6. Cool, Thanks for the info.

    I found a used one with 462 hours. $10,000.

    Looks like I will have to get a weight kit and maby Cab n Heat too.

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