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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Toddppm, Dec 8, 2000.

  1. Toddppm

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    I finally started using contracts and signed one of my customers up that i've had for 2 years now. She got the full service:mow,fert,fall cleanup etc. When i went to bill her I double checked my numbers and found that i forgot to add in the leaf cleanup $225(which we just did). So on the invoice i wrote a note telling her the new monthly amount and please call. She left me a message that she signed up for $120/mth and that's all she's paying! I couldn't believe it! I finally got a hold of her and she's in between jobs and says she set up her whole budget based on this price, OK fine just pay me the $225 and we'll leave it at $120/mth. She's says no i should have been more careful!I told her she can just pay for what's been done and cancel but she doesn't want that either? She's convinced she's going to hold me to this , because it's a signed contract? I think she's lost it, this is mostly for work not even performed yet. I think i am going to write up a cancellation with the amount due as of now and send it certified. What do you think? Should i include a Xmas Card<img src="">
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    if your contract says fall cleanup is included in the monthly dollar amount, I think she may have one on you.
    can you do any installs or work not included in your contract, that you may be able to add the forgotten dollars to ??
    just a thought.
  3. TylerAssociatesLLC

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    Your contract should state that the price can be renegotiated upon request of either party. If the price adjustment is turned down by either party then the price will stand unless a party voids the contract with written cancelation. Thirty days after the notice work and payments will stop. This all depends on what the "fine print" said in the contract.
  4. Charles

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    When was this contract signed and when does it end?
  5. Dennis

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    I think that you are the one that made the mistake...don't make her pay...
    sounds like she is a good cust. 2 yrs serv. and I assume no prior trbl.
    Let it go
  6. landscaper3

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    You should keep each job seperated on contract to prevent confusion, Looks like being a signed contract if you stated that cleanup was involved she has the right. Keep it going and sell her extra service next year like some rhodys or other shrubs and make some of that loss back that way. CHECK & RE-CHECK all your bills before going out!!!!
  7. Toddppm

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    This a contract i wrote up. I am not a lawyer don't claim to be. There is no fine print! Each service is described in a seperate paragraph with the total off to the right. At the end there is a space for the total amount of services divided by 12.I forgot to include the $225 in the total before dividing. We had a misunderstanding before on an install job where she thought the total was only part of the bid , she complained but paid. One of my guys backed the big truck into her van and i took care of it no question.($2200). I am not about to eat this because she's on hard times, if i were her i would gladly cancel to save some money considering nothing needs to be done till spring and i will be charging every 1rst until then! Just started 11-1 ends 10-31 next year.
  8. Charles

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    Todd, just hope she nice enough not to take you to court.
    A contract is a contract whether you wrote it up or an attorney wrote it up. Seems like you left no way out for yourself. Hit her van?? Well you suppose to pay for that. not like you did her a favor. If you work for her the whole year you won't lose out on too much. Just don't damage anymore of her property and get rid of that van hitter lol
  9. T. Cagle

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    You signed a conract for X amount, you my friend made the mistake not her. She looked at the cost per month and agreed to pay the said amount, because your numbers were wrong isn't her problem. Consider this, if you monthly price had included everthing she may not have signed that contract at all.
  10. Eat it and send her flowers ASAP.

    Your in the big leagues now. Your action to demand more money is lunkhead move on your part. Mistakes aren't free anymore.

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