Nice day, took some random pics of equipment


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Omaha, NE
Finally had some time to organize my enclosed trailer. It's been plain inside for a year and I finally got around to adding some racks for trimmers and edger then put some shelves up front for other equipment.

Might be one of the simplest setups in an enclosed on here but it works for me.:)

Painted the wheels on my mower awhile ago I think it came out pretty good. (Tire needs air I know, it has sat all winter)

Not sure if I will be needing this thing much more this winter, haven't used it much.

Just some randoms with the trailer hooked up.

I'm ready for spring :drinkup:


Knight rider style bro, looks good.


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Very nice setup! Love the cummins!

David W

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Southern Indiana
That is a super sweet set up. I'm a sucker for all black. I've been debating over painting my wheels on my mower. Which did you use? Turned out great.


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One of the best looking setup's I've seen, nice work! Is the Wildcat, the only mower you run with? Can we see some pic's of your work? Thanks!

CTS Lawn & Landscape

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Cincinnati, OH
Sweet looking rig, trailer and black rims on everything! Love my Rams!! How much off roading do you do with that truck?? If any! hope the plow mount is unbolted... not much ground clearance!


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Skillman NJ
For a quick moment I thought you put a bill board on top of your enclosed trailer ... I thought "This has to be either the smartest or stupidest idea ever" ... but finally I realized I should get my eyes checked out