NICE KUBOTA L3600GST 4x4 TRACTOR, with LOADER, GRADER BLADE & 72” finishing mower

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    VERY NICE KUBOTA L3600GST 4x4 TRACTOR, with LA 680 BUCKET/LOADER, GRADER BLADE & 72” rear FINISHING MOWER, industrial turf tires! Plus Grill Guard, Backhoe Hydraulics set up & ready. Fitted with digging teeth for front loader. This 36 Horse Power GST 4x4 has the newer model Glide Shift Transmission – so easy to use and 8 speeds forward and 8 speeds reverse. Always Barn & Garage Kept!
    Remember Kubota’s Hold their value much more than a John Deer if you’ve been looking you’ve noticed this and a Kubota is so much more user friendly, has better instrumentation whereas a John Deer is often more stripped down and less bang for the buck.
    You might as well have the right piece of equipment to get the job done – why spend more time in the yard than you have to?!? I love the L3600GST, it's the perfect size for my little spread, which has about 12 acres, 7 we keep up this does the trick in RECORD TIME and saved me thousands of dollars on landscaping and debris removal. Chances are you’ll never have plans to trade up to a newer model. I purchased this tractor brand new to use at my home which we are selling. This has always been a personal use tractor around the house only. This diesel starts instantly and the Glide Shift transmission shifts smoothly without using the clutch pedal. Even on 100 degree days the temp needle doesn't pass the 1/3 mark on the scale. Although this is a great tractor, I am sadly selling because we sold our property. It has performed flawlessly for the tasks I have used it for, mowing, snow plowing and fixing the drive, moving top soil - so this is a great chance for someone who wants a like-new tractor for thousands less. With 39 gross horsepower, 31 PTO horsepower, and 4 wheel drive, this thing is pretty formidable. I've had it spinning all 4 tires pulling a tree that was too heavy. I just had to buck it into smaller sections and the L3600 handled it easily.
    It is in perfect working order and nothing is broken I have had no problems at all with this machine except a cracked headlight lens plate.

    This unit is in great shape as it has been pampered and barn kept. From the photos you will see that there are minimal scratches (expected from work done with a tractor), and the paint is good as new. As I said before, nothing has ever been broken or has malfunctioned; it is a perfect running machine. The loader is easily removed and has storage stands.

    This is a Kubota Mod L3600GST Tractor Serial # 54057
    Attachments: Woods 6’ Finishing Mower RM660 Serial 7754
    LA 680 Kubota Bucket/Loader with digging teeth!
    Kubota Grill Guard to protect mower front
    Woods 6’ Grader/Blade reversible great for snow gravel drives etc!

    Interested please contact Lon Southerland @ (703)-946-8361-cell
    for pictures

    • Excellent shape! Kubota was fully paid off so an easy sale transaction!
    • Kubota L3600GST compact 4WD diesel tractor with 1,100 hrs Excellent Shape.
    • 36 HP (39 Gross HP)
    • Power Steering, tilt steering
    • Headlamps and rear flashers
    • Mid & Rear PTO
    • 3pt hitch
    • GST!- Glide Shift Transmission – so easy to use
    • 8 forward speeds, 8 reverse speeds
    • Turf Tires front and back, like new won’t chew up your beautiful yard yet great for fields.
    Note rear tires are filled with Antifreeze (Not water) as some down south are so you get the required weight with no freezing!
    • 6' Woods Rear finishing mower Deck
    Includes Full Extra set of mower blades – you can always have a set ready
    • On a scale of 1-10 it is a 9+
    • owners and operators manuals are included
    • Asking $16,500 OBO includes Tractor and all implements!
    •Only stipulation I’d like first right of refusal if you ever need to sell it in the future I may want the option to buy it back and if so this is the tractor I’d want again :)

    To compare we found another one w/ 1338 hours for 16,500 (ours has less hours wise but this is a helpful comparison)

    edit - you can't post an email address at the site. Thanks, Mike

    Side full view.jpg

    Rear view.jpg

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