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When winter rolls around I usally pick up 2-3 small lots to clear with my small tractor and get a buddies back-hoe for stumps. Well last week I got a call from a lady who wanted 33 acres cleared! Just the under brush. I thought someone would me nuts to clear 33 acres of under brush, but didn't say anything. Then she told me another guy bid $6000 per acre- thats amost 200k for the job. I thought I better take a look.

When I got there it was a mess. Not to many big trees but alot of small trees, but just too big enough for my bush-hog. Guess i'll have to leave that job for the big guys.
Would have been a nice job for job security.
What will a big company use? just curiuos.


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That would do it! I saw a video of something similar to that mounted on a small bulldozer type machine, awesome to say the least, mulched everything in it's path, even stumps up about 3' diameter. I would love to get a job like that, rent 2 or 3 bobcats with tooth buckets, couple guys and go to town. I think they had an small attachment like that for bobcats too?


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I saw one of these in use the other day, though the excavator seemed larger, and the grinding mechanism was at least 8 feet diameter. It cleared a 1/2 acre former woodlot to nothing but soil in no time.


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Looking at buying a bobcat this week, the salemans showed me the tree shear attachment said it would cut or shear a 12" to 14" tree in 7 to 8 seconds. If you had one of this and a 4-n-1 bucket or grappler attachment you could do it maybe another rental bobcat for piling up the brush and burn it. And this job would pay for the bobcat and attachments also keeping you busy. Might check it out before you decide. Tell me were it is and I would do it for sure this winter.

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Why not just use a dozer and burn the pile in the middle? It would DEFinitely be a controlled burn.


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33 acres at a few thousand a acre would buy you some equipment to do the job or rent it for a weekly or monthly rate. If you check around, you can rent those big refuse grinders. Watched a outfit clear fence lines on a 200 acre feild in just a matter of days. Left nothing but wood chip piles. They knocked down 40 - 50 foot trees with a dozer. I seen then sticking a 30 footer in the chute, WHOLE, stump and all. I did not see how long it took to grind it up, but at any rate, it was amazing.

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