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valley boy

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This guy calls last week sais he had a seven acre estate ,wants me to use his equipment and cut his place . I go over to meet him and yes hes loaded $$$$ and has about 4-5 acres of lawn . We tour the estate in his JD gator he explains he wants part cut every 5 days 3.5 acres at 2.5" and the other part cut every 2-3 weeks at 3.5 " . He will pay $300.00 April until November regards less of how many cuts per month. I use his toro ZTR 60" and all the other equipment all new stuff.

Only concern I have is that he seems real picky explaned that he fired the other guy for running over garden hose and damaging paint on special base for colums on his house . He explains that the other guy would not admit to the damage and let the grass get out of control once . He wants it cut every 5 days no matter what . This is very hard to schedule I do not know if this guy is worthy taking on for $300.00 per month about 4 hrs of work each week.???? Any advice ???


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Unless you're very hungry, don't take him on, regardless. At that price at least!


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Well, let's see. Every 5 days, you're mowing 3.5 acres. That is 6 cuts a month. Now don't forget, you will have all your trimming and stuff to do with his nice, new string trimmer.... You say 4 hours of work each week? Ha ha,... think again! 6 times a month!
So,... let's see,...
300 / 6 = $50 per. Average of $12.50 per hour.
Now, we ALSO have the situation that we have aNOTHer part that is cut every 2 to 3 weeks at 3.5". Slow down,... deep, thick stuff! We want it done right!
Now, that $12.50 an hour just quickly became about 8 bucks an hour.
Now, don't forGET, this guy wants it done every 5 days. If he emphasized this, the only way you are going to be able to do this without going to a once a week deal, is by working on the weekends - Some Saturdays, and some Sundays. All for that great 8 bucks an hour.... Yeah, this guy is LOADED as you say, but what relevence does THAT have with the job HE is offering. It sounds like this guy is no fool, and knows exactly what he is doing. If he's loaded, he probably got that way from a doing things like THIS! He will always be able to find SOME kid who will take that place....
It's all part of free enterprise.


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I have a similar estate that I care for. Mowed every ten days, 7 acre estate. I only use my equipment. I am there a full day when I mow, then come back another day and spray weeds, ect...

Mowing pays about $210 per cut, which is cheap, but I make it up on any extras.

Spraying is extra. I also have an hourly price for any weed pulling, mulch work, pruning, leaf clean-up, etc... I average 10 to 20 hours per month in extras.

Also, I am working this estate solo. I carry liability insurance and am licensed.

This place is beautiful and they are very happy with my work.

valleyboy: I would tell this guy to find another guy or come up on price considerably. Actually, I probably would not even do it with more money because this estate would come with alot of strings ( 5 day mowing, using his equip., etc...) Sorry, find someone else for $8.00 bucks an hour.

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