nice setup for a lawncare operation

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bdemir, Mar 24, 2002.

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    Pretty sweet..... Never seen a tradition truck cab with a body like that .. Usually you see a cab over with it ... My only problem with a truck like that is what do you do with # 1 Grass Clippings, #2 Mulch, #3 Gravel and Stone, #4 Sand, #5 spring and fall clean up stuff............. Other than that its pretty nice set up for a lawn cutting only company... I guess.. ?
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    That thing looks pretty rough to me. Thats a newer bed on it wich means that the old one probably was so shot it couldn't be replaced which makes me wonder what shape the rest of that truck is in. If u want a set up like that get an ISUZU as the frame, and don't look for one half way across the country b/c I doubt that truck would make the drive.
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    In the past I have taken and loaded a walk behind with ramps and put the trimmer,blower,gas cans,and a small toolbox in the back of a pickup box and you would be surprised at how quick and routine it becomes to load and unload the stuff. I always thought one of those lowered 15 foot cube vans would work with a fast ramp setup. This of course is for a one mower or two setup.
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