Nice setup


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Great pictures! I don't bag, but if I had to, that would be the way to go.


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Don't shoot me for being a pessimist, but that pic is part of the reason I decided NOT to buy a Walker. For all the bucks they have wrapped up in that (nice, but overkill) setup, I can buy a backpack blower (or 2) & a new paint job for my truck.
My bobcat has a 45 gallon rubbermaid trash can that you lift off the bagger, dump into the back of pickup bed, & go do the next lawn. Extra cans cost about $25, so I could replace & go, then dump them all when done. And I'm STILL bagging at 61" cut, & at a faster ground speed.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a fabricating nut myself, but that's alot of TIME, cost & materials to make up for a mower's shortcomings. I don't EVEN want to know how much that trailer weighs EMPTY.
Also, if he ever got rid of that for ANY reason, he'd never get his $$ back out of it.
Nice work, just not practical for me. Too bad about the carport shelter; I figured he'd check with zoning first.


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I am sorry, but that looks like a LARGE step backwards
as far as efficiency is concerned! It seems as though the whole bed is taken up by some Frankenstein of a ramp!!
And if the ramp will lay down into the trailer bed(doubtful, where would the hydraulics go?) then you would have to unload all equipment from the trailer at each job site, then load it all back when you're finished! Give this guy a DARWIN award and send him on his way!!

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I still like the idea of using double blades and mulching it to little bitty pieces of grass that disappears. I gave up picking up clippings and leaves 6 years ago and there is no way I'll ever pick up again. I have a 22 bushel home made lawn vacumning system that mounts on my 3 point hitch on the 430 John Deere that worked great, but just sits now.


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All who don't haul have valid reasons but for those who do (me included) are always looking for inventive ways of doing it.
I am a small scale operation with a Walker and I bag and remove 5 of 25 accounts but I do bag and remove many more spring thatch jobs as well as fall leafs. I charge a premium for this and the customers have no problem paying for it. I designed a gate for the front of my trailer that goes to the bumper of my pickup. The Walker backs up to it and dumps into the pickup bed. It works for me.

Bottom line is that I work for the customer in a particular niche. If I can't or don't want to meet the customers needs, someone else will. I am more of a specialist than a general practicioner. That might not work for you but it does for me.
Thanks for the pics. Happy Holidays

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keeping probing on his site and you will see the best leafplow i have ever seen. Iam going to build 2 this winter. thanks a million,

Eric when you got us to swicth to the double blades it was the best thing since getting ZTR's. thanks so very mulch. the shop guys now have to sharpen 52 blades a day,but only takes a little longer because the blades are not as dull. And we go thru a lot less sets of blades, about 50% less.