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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TeamLawnCare, Apr 22, 2011.

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    A customer of mine told me he wants to have the "nicest lawn on the block" the biggest issue is his front yard it was a dive! He hired me last year a month before the snow started falling to "renovate" his lawn. At that point there wasn't much I could do. The lawn was sparse, the weather was cold, and it was full of weeds. I applied some heavy fertilizer to jump start the lawn and I spent a good hour pulling all of the weeds. They were long, and I figured it would be better then spraying them at that point. The customer informed me that he had only mowed the lawn once the whole season because it wasn't growing and it was very yellow. The neighborhood was built in an area with a lot of clay and the builders didn't lay down a lot of top soil before putting in the lawn. This year we got it growing again, by applying some 24-6-8 fertilizer each week for a month, I also aerated it a few weeks ago. It has been very rainy in our area so the lawn has greened up quite nicely compared to what it was last year. (it's all relative) That brings us up to this point, now that something is growing I have to attack the weeds and make a plan for what to do with the rest of the lawn. I have attached some pictures and am wondering what you would recommend as a plan for this customer.





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    Install irrigation. If you are not licensed--hire someone to apply crabgrass control, then weed control. You should be sure to apply weed control angain later in year. And also in the fall--dandelions sprout in October and bloom the following spring. Kill them in fall--no problem in spring.
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    I would also do a compost overlay followed (or preceeded) by a slice overseed job on that turkey. Do it very early fall or even late summer.

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    Those broad leafs are very easy to kill with 24D. I think speed zone is the best in my opinion but don't breath the stuff in, or get someone else to do it if you don't have a license.
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    You said " ... a month before snow...",,, which for us is late Oct./early Nov...

    Spraying broadleaf foliage in the fall does the best job for an herbicide to kill.

    Why is that true? And it is true BTW, you missed a great opportunity last fall, but the question is.

    Why is fall best for killing broadleaf weeds?

    On a second note, if you pre-m use the tupersan or sideron, becuz you don't want to send this lawn through the summer w/out a lot of new grass... :)
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    No one caught this comment:

    "This year we got it growing again, by applying some 24-6-8 fertilizer each week for a month"

    I'm surprised there is any grass left after doing this!:hammerhead:
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    There is already an irrigation system installed, the timer wasn't working like they thought it was. I fixed that last fall, I wouldn't have put that much fertilizer down without an ample amount of water. I am not licensed, I looked into it last year but decided against adding application services to my business just yet. I took this project on because it is a family friend and I look as it as an opportunity to grow my knowledge. It seems like I missed a real opportunity last fall, I will make a plan to do some of these things in the fall. What can I do now though? I am planning on applying some 2,4D here this next week to attack the broadleafs. Thanks for the recommendations thus far, this is why I love this site!
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Round er up and move em out:)
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Take a soil test ,If its clay it might need lime
    I have one customer we seeded there lawn and they didnt want to buy any black dirt.
    So every year we plug and lime it and Fertilize,just keep it growing .They wish now they bought the black dirt
  10. nightshutter

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    spray and pull weeds. try a fert that will thicken and make the grass grow. like milorganite or urea or humite ( i think its called) because its so overgrown with weeds i would spot spray and focus and building healthy grass. overseed also

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