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    Please submit your best nicknames and play on words for services and actions. Such as, Mowron ( moron ). Scalp and skip(don't wanna trim next week). Mow,blow,and go(to hot for anything else). Stop and chop(for grass that hasn't been cut in 6 months), etc. And don't corrupt the thread by saying I'm lazy and need to be more professional, I do good work.
  2. smullen

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    Not exactly the same, but we called one guy the Curbinater for the way he ran mowers offa curbs..
  3. John Gamba

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    Captain Butch.
  4. Mope Head

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    You're just lazy and need to be more professional. :D

    Actually, my crew used to name the tools we had. I'm trying to think of them, we had a lot. I do remember the "Cindy Loppers" and the "Sorry Bastard File".
  5. fcl01

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    dont have nicknames for things we do but i have nicknames for clients we have. real names are too hard to remember. :dizzy:
    for example.....
    Dilbert....looks and talks like the guy from office space that was based on the dilbert comic strips.
    Psycho bi tch...psychologist that is very weird says it all :rolleyes:
  6. smullen

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    We had a John Deer 48" WB that we called Hoppy as it was Green and the controls were really sensitive; whenever you had the levers squeezed in (stopped) released them both to go straight forward or one side or the other to turn, it would Hop real bad... A couple of guys wrecked it a few times..

    Also, We had a Bunton that the blade belts caught on fire under the deck ( i dunno how), they called it the Bunton Burner after that...
  7. smullen

    smullen LawnSite Member
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    We had several of those too...

    We had the ""Obstacle Course over in Glassgow"", one with like 30 yard ornaments and the ""Mine Field"" they had like 5 or 6 large dogs and never heard of a pooper scooper... Was NASSTY!!!! You would see stuff smashed in the treads of the tires and your shoes... It was foul...
  8. Mope Head

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    LOL Bunton Burner. Nice one.

    How about customers who mispronounce things? I had a guy that called his Bermuda "Permoody Grass".
    And a lady who's car had "Rack and Penguin" steering.
  9. T Edwards

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    We dropped off a 48" ZTR for some repairs and when we picked it up the guy asked why we drove a faggot mower. He said he had to hold his legs so close together while driving that he felt like a faggot. (???) So now we call it riding the Faggot.
  10. Kate Butler

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    We call our end-of-season cutdown and cleanup "chop and drop".

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