Nieghbor wants leaves removed from my customers lawn

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turftiger2, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. Turftiger2

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    I was doing a clean up with leaf vaccum on the turf tiger. After finishing with the vaccum. Got the blower to finish up cleaning and put a little bit of leaves under some trees on the same property with the intention of removing them in a couple of weeks after the leaves are finished falling from the trees( this is when we do the bed clean outs as well.) This area had numerous leaves under the trees when we we had started. Area is a wooded area between properties.,
    Upon loading up the machines the next door neighbor comes over and says he wants all the leaves taken out from under the trees and taken away NOW!! He says that they will blow into his yard. I told him I would take them away after all the leaves have fallen. He was not pleased with my response and stormed away.
    Got back to the office and recieved a message from the police department wanting a call back tomorrow.
    Has something like this ever happen to you? If so what were your response.
  2. Mowingman

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    I would have told the neighbor you will do whatever the owner of the property tells you to do, and nothing else. Then call the owner, your customer, and tell him what you are doing and why, and what it is the neighbor wants done. Let him decide what needs done I have no idea why the police would stick their nose into this unless you are violating some city code.:confused:
  3. Brickman

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    Be sure to post what the coppers want tomorrow.

    As for the neighbor sounds to me like he was having a bad day, and looking for a power trip and you were the closest thing around. When that didn't work, he calls the cops. I wonder what he was smoking when he called them?
  4. Turftiger2

    Turftiger2 LawnSite Member
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    Customer called me and said the police were there and they want to talk to me. Aparently he told the Police that we blew leaves into his yard. This did not happen. He did not acuse me of that when he was talking to me about it.
    Nieghbor said she is pretty embarressed to have the police over at her house for something like this.
    She says never had a problem like this before with that neighbor.
  5. KenH

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    If you kept the piles of leaves on the property you are working, the neighbor has no choice. He cant tell you what to do with your leaves, on your property. Ive had this experience before with the police. You get some old people who have nothing else to do but watch the leaves blow.
  6. bubble boy

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    that's unreal:blob2:

    i guess its the neighbor's word against yours. see if other neighbors have noticed you efforts to not get leaves on their yard. they could back you.

    thats if the police pester you. i can't see them doing that. what proof? plus they'll use their common sense.

    let us know the outcome.
  7. Every year I get some poor schmuck old fart arrested for diaturbing the peace, and they were the ones who called the police.

    I will not step foot or physicaly blow leaves on their property, if they got that way, good ole` mother nature wanted them to go there, and I tell the police the same thing.......

    I have had problems with both young and old.

    Been arrested once or twice or three times........

    This is mostly the result of a windy day, and a ****head neightbor.

    If they come out nicely I will be nice, if they come out with attitude they get it RIGHT back but doubled.

    For the situation, you better tell your customer your conversation with the neighbor.
  8. mdb landscaping

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    people like that are a pain in the butt. i cant say ive been in that type of situation, but im suprised the police are wasting their time. legally, i dont see how you are liable. ill be interested to hear how it turns out.
  9. KenH

    KenH LawnSite Bronze Member
    from CT
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    I think its the responsibility of the police to follow up on a complaint, even though it has no merit. I wouldnt lose any sleep over it. If the police dont do anything, I would go tomorrow and make the piles BIGGER:D
  10. Ray&Christine

    Ray&Christine LawnSite Member
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    Every now and then we have small problems with our customers neighbors. When ever it happens I try to leave my customer a note telling them about what happened and let my customer handle thier whacko neighbors. Last week I had the old fossil who lived next door to my customer start to pile all the leaves off his driveway on my customer lawn for me to pick-up with my Walker. He had a pile about 2 feet high and 30 feet long running along the edge of my customer's lawn. I just left his leaves there and left a note for my customer explaining what the neighbor did. My customer never said anything about it so I guess they sorted it out with this old guy. I find most of my customers are easy enough to get along with but some of the neighbors need a life.


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