Night pic of project

A.O. Inc.

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Here is a picture of the patio and retaining wall project we have been working on. The day pic of the wall is a few threads below.

This shot basically shows the lighting on the wall at night and some of the new 600 sq ft paver patio. All the lighting is Kichler with a Nightscaping transformer.

I will get some day pics as soon as possible.


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Me likes it.

Thanks C Man. Thats allot better. Does the C stand for computer.


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Heres something that I found out over time that may help you. If you have a nice dig camera and want to take awesome nighttime pics, set the shutter to stay open as long as possible and that will expose your background light. On mine, I can open the shutter for up to 4 seconds and have taken some real nice pictures of lighting. When you do this, set the camera on a staitionary object of use a tripod since any movement will blur the picture. Here is one I took in New Orleans a couple weeks ago