Nightmare at Ziebart

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GravelyGuy, Sep 11, 2007.

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    I took my truck to Ziebart to get a spray in liner and undercoating put on today. They had it for most of the day and they call me and tell me that it is ready to be picked up. I go to pick it up and the bedliner looks okay, but there is some serious issues with the undercoating. One half of the truck was done with a thick rhino type ling and the other side was done with a smooth, flat type of cover. They also missed a bunch of obviuos spots right under the wheel wells.

    I complained and they took it back and fixed it (half a$$). I get it home this evening and once it was dry I went out to try and close my tailgate which I left down on the trip home. It won't close at all. They have screwed the assembly up when they put it back together. I figured they were new at working on this truck so I was not that worried, I just planned on taking back in the morning.

    I continued to tinker with the gate and I finally got it to close, but it is not right. It will only open with the key. HERE'S THE REAL KICKER!!!

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