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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, May 23, 2006.

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    Take and pour concrete over a sprinkler (I remember it was a Toro 640), let it sit for a few years until it finally starts leaking and what do you have? In this case the water finally reached an electrical makeup box (Pic #1), found its way down conduit to a room 150' away (Pic #2; back left with door open) and came up inside the building through the electrical panel conduit (Pic #3). :dizzy:

    Highland Concrete Leak-Conduit Flow IV-01.jpg

    Highland Concrete Leak-Conduit Flow IV-02.jpg

    Highland Concrete Leak-Conduit Flow IV-03.jpg
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    They poured concrete over a head?


    Were you lucky enough to be able to just cut and cap a lateral spur, or did the jackhammer have to come out?
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    If the jackhammer had come out I'd of taken additional pictures. We put the trencher down along the sidewalk and found the 1-1/2" lateral where it went under the sidewalk and capped it off. Site principal was quite impressed with our resources on this one. :)

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