Nightscaping at Home Depot ! ? !

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Jun 6, 2011.

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    oh DANG!!!
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    Well I guess im going to be odd man out here, but I don't really mind this (AS OF NOW). To their credit, at least they are charging close to what the list price should be and not completely crippling the contractor. Furthermore, finally now a customer can walk into a big box store and see what a quality transformer really costs. As opposed to seeing this and thinking we are completely ripping them off.
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    Well, the market is getting competitive. They had to do something to stay alive. At least Greenlight made the point that the prices are where they should be so people can see what pro equipement costs next to the junk.
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    Who is installing nightscaping trannys now anyway? Not bashing, just courious.
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    I would agree that this is more of a plus then a negative because like other mentioned the client can now see what the pros use and thus are charging accordingly and not ripping them off. (I recently picked up a set of Malibu lights at a golf tournament as a free prize....I still think they were too expensive, haha)

    Although this doesn't appear to be on the Canadian website yet I hope it comes around soon.

    Yes sleepyhead we will still use nightscaping transformers and lights but are slowly moving onto others like cast.
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    Tim and I got on this topic at the end of the "big shift" thread and we both appeared a bit disillusioned by the whole "retail" (list) price that is often times shown on a contractors invoice from John Deere, Ewing or whatever commercial grade distributor (in some cases the manufacturers will also provide you with a catalog that shows their list). To be honest, when I see that nightscaping is selling their transformers to the general public at basically what I would refer to as a "retail" price, I gain a little bit of confidence in what I believe in many cases feels like a hoax.

    My biggest beef really came with Hunter (irrigation company). A few years back they began selling the PGP irrigation head in home depot. This was a head that had been used pretty exclusively by contractors during the 90's and even up until today. It was extremely popular and was a staple amongst residential irrigation systems that were considered quality. Up until a few years ago it was also only available through the proper channels of being a contractor, etc... I didn't really care ultimately that it ended up in Home Depot, to be honest it's just a plastic irrigation head and I don't care if all commercial grade products are in there. What made me pretty darn mad though was the PGP has ALWAYS "listed" at $18.00 or more from every distributor I have seen and even from the hunter catalog. Yet when it landed in Home Depot it was being sold for $10.95, instantly making me and many other contractors appear to be blatant liars for ever using list pricing for material invoicing. Maybe I was naive, but I thought that was VERY poorly thought out by the Hunter reps and it's something that I know has made me very skiddish about their products.
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    I can agree with the pricing comparison. However, did anyone notice that these are only online. That means most people will never see them, and at $1000 per unit they wont be rolling into stores anytime soon. I have an issue with the way internet shopping is going and this is part of it. You buy through a storefront like HD, Wallyworld, Amazon, etc. They mearly act as a relay. The unit sometimes comes from some other place not affiliated with the original seller. Then when there is an issue, your terms are different than if you purchased over the counter, and your tied up for at least a month dealing with returns, warranties, etc.
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    It was fun to watch the contractors who used Hunter irrigation equipment begin to gyrate when Hunter put the products in the Depot.

    What's next, FX Luminaire?
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    With major manufacturers moving their products into the retail market, it negatively impacts the contractor who only had access to these products. We, as contractors, are losing our edge in being able to exclusively offer certain products to clients. The DIY mentality may be our downfall.

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