NIGHTSCAPING what do you think?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Venturewest, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Steve, I guess I should have been a little more clear. There are only about 4 low voltage transformer manufacturers out there. They make a multitude of transformers for many "lighting manufacturers". I believe that MDL makes most of them, (I don't know this for fact). I'm pretty sure that they make transformers for Kichler, Hadco, Vista, FXL, Escort and even Cast. I'm also sure there are many more that I didn't include.
    There all basically the same transformer with little differences here and there, but the guts (windings) are pretty much the same.
    I'm with you on fused transformers. Nightscaping has made people think that fuses are the only way to go. If that were true, I would yank out the breaker panel in my house today.
    Wire leads? That's worse than fuses. There are some of those out there as well. Unique comes to mind as well as FPL and Acme. When I see these transformers out there, I recommend to the client that they be changed. I will not even work on them and don't suggest anyone else work on them either.
    The only problem I have seen with a "professional" transformer, is in the installation. If a transformer is not installed properly, and the system is not installed properly, the transformer can have problems. I have not (in my experience) seen a transformer "melt" when installed and hooked up properly.
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    Paul, you are correct, I have only installed 2 other types of transformers on 2 seperate occasions. What have done a lot of is remove other transformers by other manufacturers that have failed, no longer working, awful loud buzzing, melted etc. Just have never heard of nor have I personally had that trouble with Nightscaping.

    What I saw at nightscaping that I was told was unique about there power center is that while winding the coil every 6 to 10 revolutions they had a hard plastic putty knife (like) that they would use to pack the winding. I was told that other manufactures don't bother to do that thus the buzzing and humming noises that can come from a transformer. I didn't know transformer noise was an issue till I went to the LVLIA conference to test. My Nightscaping pc's that we have installed don't humm

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    check into nightscaping ohio. 10 yrs never had one fail due to manufacturer/get em with photo cell, digital clock, power switch (clock set to where you are are on earth, great for shady areas, the latest "dominator", and the best of all, relay modules you can install in multiple power centers. I have one job with 7 power centers all controlled with one power switch. Get on nightscaping's website and give them a call.
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    Here is a fact. Paul has taken the time to answer alot of questions on here all with no negative replies. I ask why does he have to keep defending himself from this? Because he tries to help everyone? Thats a good thing isn't it?

    I for one appreciate ya Paul keep doin what your doin!
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    If it looks just like the Hadco, Cast, Garden Light, Kichler, Escort, or Evening Lights transformer, it's probably manufactured by MDL. I know the older Vista transformers looked identical to Hadco's which were MDL made. Not familiar with Vista's new product, but if it resembles any of the above, guess who manufactures it. And by the way Hot Shot, do you know Landscapelight?

    Sam IV

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