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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeymike, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. mikeymike

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    Has anyone used the ninja mulching blades by snapper? They look like they would work like a charm but looks can be very deceiving. Also I was looking for regular mulching blades to try since I have gators on my machine and they work great but this guy was telling me that regular mulchers work better then the gators. He said the gators work better when mulching leaves and such. Anyone got any advice and where can I find regular mulchers for my 36inch snapper WB. None of the dealers I use had them.
  2. chimmygew

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    I also have a 36" snapper. In my personal opinion, they suck. I think they suck really bad. I always run doubles with my mulch kit. Run the gators on bottom with the high lifts on top. I use the Dixie Chopper doubles bracket and it fits fine. This setup works great.
  3. T.E.

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    I have used ninja mulching blades on my snapper 36" hydro wb only and there is no comparison to the way they mulch to the gators I can take the mower into my pasture and mow and it looks like it has been bagged. Don't know about doubles I tried it on my 52" toro Z master and it really bogged the mower way down it took several seconds for the mower to get up to rpm and I have a 25 hp kohler on my 52". I tried single gators on my toro and single high lifts and the high lifts mulch better, though that could be the type of grass that I'm mowing :)
  4. LawnMowerMan2003

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    I've only used ninja blades on 21" Snappers and they mulch alot better than the regular blade.

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