Nitrogen, How much?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PR Fect, Mar 31, 2003.

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    I was told for a Bluegrass lawn in Wisconsin you need about 6lbs of Nitrogen per season. I think we all agree that about 2/3 rds of that needs to be put down in the Fall (late AUG). The other 1/3 in the Spring (April) . If my 50lb bag says 25-3-5, and covers 12,500 sqft. That would be 4 lbs of fert per 1,000 sqft, right? Or 1lb of N per 1,000 sqft. Ok, here is the big question. When and how many times do you put down fert? Pre-merg for grassy weeds? Broad-leaf control?
  2. Way too much N!

    Do some research!

    Would have thought Wisconsin pesticide license training would have informed you!

    A'm I right mowed??
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    One man crew, thanks for the tip on the web site. I went there and read some, seems they are talking warm season grasses. Wisconsin don't see much of them. They did say 2lbs N per 1,000 sqft every 30 to 40 days during the growing season. That would be 6lbs every 4 months. The person I heard the 6lbs from was my instructor of a class I took at the Tec College on pesticides. His full time job is a GC superintendent. So I still ask, for my cool season lawns of bluegrass, rye grass, and fescues, when and how much N?
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    6 lbs. N maybe OK for a high maintenance Bent grass golf course green, but a KB grass lawn in Wisconsin should not need more N than one in NE Illinois. Around here the recommendation is for 3-4 lbs. N/1000 sq. ft. per year. If you return your clippings, 3 lbs is good. Otherwise use 4 lb.

  6. lawnstudent is correct!!!!!

    I'm from n Ill orginally!!!!!!! 11 yrs growing turf in N and cen ILL

    In Va. I only use 3lbs/1000 if clipping return, go 4 lbs/1000 if clipping removed, and if turf is thin , rates are increased by 1 lbs/1000

    My season is much longer than yours!

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