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    Does anyone apply just straight nitrogen to get the grass to get out of dormancy and start growing faster? I have never heard of this until I overheard someone talking about people coming into the elevator here to buy nitrogen to apply to their lawns. Anyone heard of this? How well does it work? Slow release or fast release?
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    Oh Boy does it work and yes a lot of cheap skates use it straight. Truegreen will hollow core a yard and then put 46-0-0 soluble urea on it and tell the customer it was the hollow core that gave such a response.

    There is nothing wrong with straight nitrogen if and only if other elements are also in the soil. Also because of a chemical reaction called "mass action" the amount of nitrogen becomes a factor to CEC. Hope this answers your question with out writing a novel.
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    Actually here in the Midwest, west of the Missippi, nitrogen maybe the only thing you need much of the time. Typically soil tests show ample to almost excessive P and K. The limiting factor is nitrogen in most cases. The ability to utilize other elements is limited by the element in shortest supply.

    Especially in the cooler parts of the season, cheaper forms of nitrogen can work very well. Be careful of too much nitrogen too early though, as cool damp weather can lead to disease. I like to put down heavier apps of the nitrogen in the fall, lessenning the need for as heavy amounts in the spring.

    Of course, now that you're on the golf course, you'll be under pressure to the imposible a great deal of the time.

    Austreim Landscaping
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    I think I will try it on my lawn this spring...I'm going to be putting Turf n' Tee Fertilizer with Pre-M on the course this spring sometime around the middle of March, with another app around the beggining of April. They always say to put Pre-M down when the Lilacs bloom, I have found that way off..They don't bloom here maybe until the first part of May when the crabgrass and other weeds are already growing actively.

    So, since I am going to try this on my lawn this spring, I was thinking of putting it down right before a good rain after dethatching and aerating?
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    mother nature plays a bigger part in spring green up than anything we can do. When the temps go up in the spring the color will darken. We can help at that point and yes high N will add to your green up but used in multiple years studies have shown a reduced root syystem which in turn will give you a weaker turf

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