NJ Contractors license.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by prizeprop, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. prizeprop

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    I'm sure most of you from New Jersey know that we are now required to have a contractors lic. to do pretty much any other work besides general maint. I just received mine in the mail this week after submitting the application over a year ago. Is anyone else still waiting on this license or having problems with the process?Also, has any delays inconvenienced anyone or caused you to lose work? Personally, I have put off ordering new business cards and contract forms because I want to and believe we must have the contractors number on such literature.
  2. mexiking

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    where do you find info on this??
  3. NNJLandman

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    All the information is on the the NJ gov. web site. I would think if you submitted your paper work youd be ok to go ahead and do the work. You have a reasonable excuse...I wouldnt put anything off. I'm surprised it took that long.

  4. LB1234

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    I ordered mine late 2005...can't remember the month oct/nov-ish. I waited several months and called multiple times. After threatening them with "In order to send my flyers I need my stupid NJHIC# and you are holding me back...blah blah blah" it magically appeared within a few days. Whether or not my BS yelling had anything to do with it...who knows.

    I also changed my address this past year and needed to change my address. I left NUMEROUS phone calls asking what I should do since that website was basically usuless...didn't get anywhere. I finally started documenting all of my phone calls after losing count of the first few. After the third attempt and about 10 or so weeks I contacted the attorney general or whoever the hell is supposively in charge of it and pleaded my case. Someone called me that day and informed me to fax this info to this number. What do you know I received my change of address within a week.

    Bottom line...document EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you speak to. Than call someone who can do something about it and read him off the amount of times you've been blown off...its a miracle but you actually get somewhere.

    What a joke...
  5. mrusk

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    All it is, is a way for NJ to rob more money from us.

    I have the # on my biz cards, under my signiture on anything i type, on adll advertisements, just not on my truck.
  6. prizeprop

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  7. mexiking

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  8. rodfather

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    that license is the biggest ripoff known to man
  9. LB1234

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    ya know I was just thinking about it. You can't find anyone, can't speak to anyone, can't get any answers, yada yada yada

    But my renewal letter came three months ahead of time!!
  10. Gman2310

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    This license could be the best thing for our industry, it would stop all the illegals doing the work for dirt cheap and the weekend warriors, but the problem is as i brought up to the lady and MAHTS last year, was how are they going to enforce it. She wasnt sure yet. Apparently we are going to have to have jobsite signs with our #'s on it and so on. I am fore this, IF and ONLY IF they enforce it. $90.00 a year is probably one of the cheapest expenses we have. We will see how it plays out this year, i know it didnt do anything last year

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