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    How hard and whats involved to become certified in the state of NJ? I'd obviously like to be able to offer at least fertilizer to my customers and make some extra money. So whats involved, how hard is it, how much does it cost and are there free study materials and the such out there?

    Thanks alot in advance!
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    You don't need a pesticide license to fertilize in NJ.

    NJ has 12 categories of licenses (I think). With lots of sub categories. 7A is household pests, 7B is termites, There's one for aerial applicators, one for treating water in cooling towers.

    You're probably intereseted in category 3. 3B is turf, I think 3A is ornamental shrubs.

    To get the license you need to pass two tests. The first is the core test which covers pesticide laws and the second is the catagory test which covers the specfics of your catagory. The core is the same for everyone.

    To take the test, you need to have done a certain number of applications with a licensed applicator and provide proof in the form of application logs. If you don't have someone to spray with, you can take a day long class instead to qualify to take the test.

    Study guides cost about $30 each and I don't remember what the test cost but it wasn't much more than that.

    To keep your license, you have to attend a certain number of meetings, or classes. you accumulate points by wasting your time learning nothing at these meetings. A couple of wasted days a year is all you need though.

    The whole thing is administered by Rutgers cooperative extension. I'm too lazy to find them on the web. But google knows where they are and all the forms, etc are on the web site.

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