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    Anyone out there from NJ?

    I was on the web and found the website to get information, as well as where to get the training manual for the tests for a pesticide application license.

    Is NJ one of the states where you have to work for someone for 2 years or take 4 years of classes, **OR** can you study for the test, take the core test and the category test and pay the whopping $150 fee and bam - you're good for 5 years of certification?

    Thanks for any help or websites that would point me there.
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    I don't know which web site you were looking at, but as it says at the following sites, once you pass the Core & 1 Category Exams, you are certified. It will cost more than the $150.00 if you are not working for another company. Your business will also need a separate license (can't remember the cost off hand, follow the link) & you will need to purchase Pesticide Insurance rider to start applying pesticides. Good luck.

    The first link is the Pesticide Certification FAQ's for Commercial Applicators

    The second one is the Pesticide home page where you can find all of the answers to your questions.
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    Whatever you do, make sue you take th class on recod kepng w/ the DEP. It is a short 1/2 day class which is very informative. Tells you about what truck must say "NJ PESTICIDE LICENSE # XXXX", where/how to store pesticides and its respective signage, what info the DEP wants you to keep on hand for spot inspections, etc... And yes, you can just take tests, but you will have to pay for business license s well as applicator license.

    Hope this info helps.


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