NJTA Atlantic City anyone?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Dec 4, 2000.

  1. Anyone going to the NJTA expo next week?

    It is very easy and cheap to get to if you take one of the casino buses.

    NJTA Turfgrass & Landscape
    Expo 2000

    December 12 - 14, 2000
    Trump Taj Mahal
    Hotel and Resort
    Atlantic City, NJ

  2. cantoo

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    Stone, does that bus swing thru Ontario?
    By the way do you ever write off any of these trips that you take? We have a place in Florida and I have thought if while I was there I took in a couple of trade shows and checked out some dealers I might be able to write off my expenses. Or would this just be a good way to ask for an audit?
  3. BRL

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    I grew up near Atlantic City & I was just thinking today that I might go visit the folks & take in the Expo. Not sure yet.
    Cantoo, trade shows are most definitely write offs. Talk to your accountant.
  4. ant

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    stone and bill ,there is a good chance i may go ,let me no and i will see,maybe do lunch?
  5. Let me know what date you what to go.And a place an time to meet. My bus will arrive about 11am.
  6. BRL

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    I would probably have a better chance with Thursday. Mom doesn't work on Thursdays so I'll bring the kids so they can visit Grand Mom & Grand Pop.

    Here's a map of the second floor. Maybe we could meet at #9 Convention Registration & Will Call. Stone, your bus will drop you near the #11 but on the first floor (for reference).

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