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    Hello to all my fellow Northern NJ landscapers,

    I hope everyone had a very productive season despite the rainy start and early snowfall. My question to all is that I have been in business for myself for 2 years now. In the 2 years I have accumulated over 50 residentials accounts. I had started with one half ton pick up and a 36 in wk behind in the back. Since then i took on more customers, and purchsed a trailer. the again more accounts, so i purchased an exmark ZTR 52 inch, new trimmers and blowers, again more accounts and my first 36 was on its last leg, so i bought a new wright stander 36 in., then more customers for design planting mulch ect ect. So I purchased an ez dumper for my truck. Now im at a point where I have out grown my truck and trailer and must purchase another. I have several prospective trucks and trailers in mind plus all the financing I need to be equipt properly for next year.

    My only concern is that I am looking for larger more stable accounts to help sustain my purchases and enable the business to grow more. My residential customer base, although they do keep me and my helpers busy, are not the full source of income I am looking for. ALOT OF THEM ARE HESITANT DO DO MORE THEN MAINTENENCE. I am looking for a condo complex, apartment building, supermarket or resturant, basically any larger facilty that can help sustain a larger income for the company and its purchases.

    Another section is the landscape design and contruction. I have done work for general contractors. These people I find to be theives. They care nothing about the final product and only care about making it semi presentable to the prospective buyer. Again all of my contruction and design has been residential based with my most expesive project peeking in the mid 20's gross. How do you attain commercial design jobs?

    How do your companys aquire these contracts? I have been approached by a few in the past two years and have bid on them only to have ben out bid by of course larger company's. Most of these contracts were for full service(cleanups cutting pruning mulch). I have several nurserys that keep me busy with referal work, I advertise in mainly local newspapers, and have been thinking about placing a yellow pages ad. I even have a local realator that supplies me with work. Again this is all residential.

    So without straying too much from my original subject how do you guys aquire your larger commercial accounts? What are your methods of advertising? Any advice would be greatly appriciated, and if at all i can be of any help to your business please dont hesitate to contact me.

    Best wishes to all.

    Perfect Property Services Inc.
    Lincoln Park, NJ

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