NNT Trailers??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Moose's Mowing, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Anyone know anything about this brand? I'm selling my single axle 6x12 and upgrading to a 6x16 dual axle. Got a buyer coming tomorrow and if the timing works, I found a used NNT about 2 hours from me and I'll run and pick it up tomorrow afternoon. We agreed to 1500. It has "two newer tires" according to the guy and a spring assist ramp thinger. I've never heard of these nor do I know anything about them. Didn't find much on Google either but figured I'd ask here quick. I'm going to buy it if it checks out, just don't want a pile of crap. It'll be hauling a Scag Tigercat 61" and a Scag 36WB belt drive and my handhelds and other junk. I'm solo so I won't have the whole shop with me, just the essentials. I'll also be using this trailer to haul my "new to me" Kioti 1914 and bush hog or other implements. The new compact tractor is the reason for upping the size of trailer. My current single axle was perfect for a mowing rig, but I'm expanding in to other areas for next year and will need the 7000lb capacity

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