No 34 or 36 Stand on?

Discussion in 'Gravely (Archived)' started by Dr. Cornwallis, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Dr. Cornwallis

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    What happened to the small Gravely stand on mower? Is it being redesigned or is it gone for good? I see it's no longer listed on the Gravely website. I'm asking because I'm going to be purchasing a small mower for backyards soon and I would like it to be a 34 or 36 stander, and I really want to stick with Gravely.
  2. Gravely Commercial

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    We do have a new Gravely 36" Pro-Stance coming out next spring (2014) which will have some features from our new Pro-Stance model. The 36" Pro-Stance will have a 7 Gauge deck and a Kawasaki FS600V engine. Other features include the flip up operator platform so the unit can be used as a walk-behind, the additional foot pedal deck lift for ease of feathering and raising the deck and an isolated platform for reducing vibration and operator fatigue. The transport length is 59 1/2", a benefit for those using a trailer with multiple units.

    We will be adding this to the website with more details soon. Let me know if you have additional questions or if you need help with a demo.


    Mary Lyn
  3. DXN1EL

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    Kawasaki FS600V engine isn't that super overpower?
    I wonder why is not an EFI option for the smaller units like 48"?
  4. grassbutler

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    Will you only offer it in in 36 or will there be a 44 option as well? ( like Toro )
  5. Gravely Commercial

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    We currently offer our Pro-Stance unit with a 48, 52 or 61-inch option, and this spring we will be adding the 36-inch option as well.

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