No aerating and seeding this year?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mhussey, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. mhussey

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    Well it looks like the forecast the meteorologist are predicting is that it's going to be a dry fall, winter, and spring. It don't look like I will get to plug and seed most of my accounts.

    Are a lot of you guys going to have this same issue? What are some of you guys doing to get this critical aeration and seeding down?

    I thought about renting a slit seeder, but most are just not wanting none of it due to the drought. Its getting pretty bad around here.

    News said we only have like 140 or so days of water left in some reservoirs.

    This just isn't good....;)
  2. topsites

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  3. The Captain

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    I really feel for you folks in the east and southeast. We went to the Bristol race last month and did the usual tourist things afterward. I didn't like taking a week out of the mowing schedule, but heck, we're not mowing much here either. (We did get about a 1/2" of rain last night. The first in several weeks.)

    We went through the Gatlinburg, Pigon Forge areas. If I hadn't seen the lake and resevoirs, I couldn't have comprehend how bad it is there. Lakes (big, deep lakes) with levels down 50'-60'.
    Just keep praying for some moisture. (You need a tropical depression, not a hurricane to get you some water.) May not get much this fall, but maybe some snow this winter will help next year.

    Hang in there ......Jim
  4. nitro121

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    should I offer fertilization then? I sent out fliers to all my customers, bought an aerator, speader, and have about 6 interested clients. I've been telling them the ground is too hard....should I at least fertilize their lawns?

    PS...this is my first time offering aeration/seeding/fert..

  5. DuallyVette

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    I've been in the Lawn maintenance business since 1978. The worst drought we had was in 1986. We stilled aerated and seeded in October after we started getting some good rain. This year we have watering restrictions, they should have began restrictions much earlier.
    We usually are finished aerating by 10/15 each year.
    I just bought a LT Rich z-plugger, I doubt that I'll get to try it out this year.
  6. nitro121

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    should I still offer to fertilize the lawns w/ out the aeration? What about overseeding w/ out aeration?

  7. jeffex

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    I may be looking to buy a used dethatcher for the spring 08' season. There are many DEAD lawns in my area. Most of my fall services are for aeration but this year you would have to make 4-5 passes for everseeding there is so much dead grass. No rain and in 2 weeks IMO we pass the time need to germinate and grow a decent lawn prior to fall dormancy. Most lawns are already dormant from the drought any way. The dethatcher scarifies the soil enough to get decent seed to soil contact. Then its all up the homeowner to water water water.....I use a grass gobbler type bagger on my walk behind to suck up the chaff and dead grass then overseed ,,starter fert. and lime with a spreader.
  8. big_country

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    We're behind around 20" of rain on the year. I have a 3pt. aerator and loaded it down with weight and still not much luck. No rain chances to count on for the next week, so I think aerating is not going to happen here. It hasn't been a good year really on the maintenance side; it can't get much worse.

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