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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fblandscape, Jul 18, 2003.

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    I am sitting in my living room today looking out the bay window and I see a local "landscaper" cutting my next door neighbor's lawn. They were towing a 14' trailer? with 2 riders and a walk behind with a 1 year old Chevy 2500. Seeing as how it was raining, the only logical thing for them to do was roll the windows down all the way. 1 guy was cutting with a 52" or 48" ZTR next door, while 1 guy trimmed. The guy trimming did a whole strip that separates my property from my neighbor's. EASILY done with a ZTR. The third guy, was down the block maybe 600 feet? with the other 52" or 48" rider at a small house cutting. He comes back, grabs a trimmer, and then he and the other guy trimming walk all the way back to the house. Guy who was mowing with the other rider is blowing by now, blows off my neighbor's property and then walks 600 feet down the road. 2 guys with trimmers walk all the way back to the truck and then drive down to where the guy is blowing.

    There is NO way this kid can have a brain. NO way in heck.

    From what I understand, when he does a landscape install, he goes with the client to the nursery and picks out the plants. Goes back to the nursery with the client's credit card and buys the plant at wholesale cost to the client.

    Are there any rocket scientists like this by you?
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    Are there any rocket scientists like this by you? [/B][/QUOTE] I don't know Matt, but there might be! As for using the clients credit card, that's bad! Why should the client know how much you pay for something you're selling him. ANYONE who re-sells something has the right to a profit, no? As for the "dopes" walking back and forth '600 between houses, sooner or later the guy paying them will figure out how much time they're wasting and how much it's costing him.

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