No Clue How To Bill This (8 hr Travel?!)

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by greennola, Jan 28, 2019.

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    I would think $1500 plus the cost of plants is realistic. I would present her this information in person because of sticker shock... I think when you go over all the expenses, plus the “missed income” she would understand.
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    Well now,
    This has turned into a very strange thread. The op's posts are all deleted and the rest of us look like we're responding to thin air.
    Why not just delete the whole thread ?
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    That's it. This isn't a matter of worrying about being too much for them as much as it's me worrying that I'm not going to charge enough. And since there will be other trips like this I don't want to set the precedent of low balling.

    Sorry it got heated, it was too late to edit and calm stuff back down.
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    everybodyies just trying to help its easy online to get it twisted Thumbs Up
    no body language or tone on the web:D
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    How much would you like to net per day? Does the client understand the cost for what they want? Does it even matter to them?

    If this is a dead time for you I would think $3-400 per day would be fair. That’s plus all expenses associated with the trip up and back but excluding personal expenses at home.
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    You irritable bro?:laugh: Must be really cold up there
    Nothing has been deleted in this thread
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    And I stated a fact
    A fact many don’t realize
    You don’t get to charge or consider those things in a price
    That’s simple

    How you choose to spend your personal income and lead your personal life is , well personal.
    Some choose to have pets and children, some choose to abuse substances, some hoard the money they make .. none of what you do in the off work hours have any bearing on how to charge for or value the work on the clock.
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    I believe op must have blocked me.
    I see everyone else's posts but his vanished.
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    Hey OP, I was thinking about you last night during a Facetime call with my grandaughter.
    With todays technology, is their any reason you can't have the plant supplier fire up their I Pad and take you on an electronic tour of their plants? You can even have you clients view the plants with you so they can give approval.
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    I thought this was 8 hours travel each way?
    Then you have to install
    You’ve got at least one over night
    Is $1500 enough?

    Better to order some extra plants
    Kick the ones you don’t like when they arrive and have them shipped.

    A few extra plants cost woven into the cost of the job vs. 16 hours of driving is better.
    Only need 8 plants? Order 12
    Customer pays for it, but it’s less than driving there and back.
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