No Clue How To Bill This (8 hr Travel?!)

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by greennola, Jan 28, 2019.

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    I told her to freight it and at worst, I would fly there, select the plants and arrange the freight. She thought it was strange to freight but really I would prefer her to give me more materials budget than to stay at some LaQuinta on the interstate (and I dont want to drive for this.)

    But thanks for the advice. There will be a play sale to attend in the Spring that I'm flying out for (more specialized) and this info will be a huge bonus when the time arrives.

    The problem here is that these people prefer to throw the money, say 'make it happen' and be done with it. I was only interested in being fair to all parties involved.
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    Im in alaska, so as you can imagine there arent alot of home grown plants here.
    EVERYTHING gets shipped, even if you buy from a nursery here (of which there are few) it was shipped as a bare root when it was smaller.

    The best way to do it is order extra (I typically order 10 to 20% extra depending on hardiness of species)
    hand pick the best ones when doing the job.
    If you have to cover warranty from dead or dying ones you already have the "B" grade stock that you can nurse up to look better when youve received them.
    Once the warranty period is up, we will sell the B grade left overs at reduced rates to move them on out.-
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    I'd charge a buck a mile plus $20 an hour. hotel, food, misc expenses. maybe hire a buddy to make the trip for you

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