No compete agreement

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ipm, Jul 15, 2002.

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    I will tell ya from experience, pretty much no matter how good it is there is always a hole to get out of the non compete. I m not proud of it but I know this from experience because I was able to back out of 1. He had his lawyer draw it up and it was perfect. He did one thing wrong. It is law that a non compete must have a time limit in the contract. The longest this time limit can be is two and a half years. Since he never put in the contract how long the non compete would last, one year and a half after I signed it we went to court and the judge told him that the non compete would be void for this reason. No non compete can last forever, and it can be more then a twenty five mile radius. That was the loop hole I found. But I did learn when going through that my lawyer says that more then seventy percent of the time when non competes end up in court they end up getting torn up. There are just so many damn loop holes in them. If anything you can use them as a scare tactic so they think they cant get out of it, but DO NOT rely on it.

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