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So I recently ran an ad on Facebook and Indeed looking for part time help with room for more hours. Out of 7 people that inquired only 1 showed real interest in the position. The prospective individual is an 18 year old that is a senior in high school, he is home schooled and is pretty much done with school and just signs in on his phone for attendance purposes. The kid is in my neighborhood and saw my help wanted post in our group. The kid started his own pressure washing business last year, I'm assuming it's a little slow and says his schedule is flexible to accommodate my schedule, he's always looking for work.

So, my question is should I do a no compete clause? He's 18 and has his own business but I don't offer pressure washing and I've never seen him looking for lawns to cut?


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It all depends do you have the spare 1000's of dollars for legal fees to try enforcing a non compete :)
if he's started his own business it shows he has get up and go and doesn't mind working he might tr selling his pressure washing to your mow clients and he may also recommend your mowing to his clients and he's probably less likely to start offering mowing as an add on to his clients for himself if he's working for you than if he's not

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Non-competes are just trash in my experience. You can't force someone to be happy or a good employee. It's like a good dog. Feed them and treat them right and you will have a loyal friend for life. OR Chain them up, beat them regularly, and yell at them everyday. The second they can slip their collar they are gone. Help them become successful in their own life and they will help you be successful in your business. Teach them the numbers and the business and they will understand more of what your decisions involve. Help him to be successful with his company and see what happens. Too many employers make everyone pay for the stupidity and incompetence of previous employees. There are good people out there. We were all in his shoes at one time. Hire partners not indentured servants.

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