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No customer but Lots of Peanuts


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This lady calls for an estimate, she needed it done the day of so I plugged her into the end of my schedule. I get and qoute it at $30 a service.. i had been debating 25 but I really wanted 30 for it and thought I could get it. I meet with her, and i do my calculations. Weekly service including spring and fall cleanup came to $950 or so with taxes for the year. She goes "oh no my current provider does it for 300 hundred dollars less. " and handed me a shody contract with the annual price on it. I respond with the "is there a reason you called me then?" line... She goes off complaining about the things her current lawn guy doesn't do and how he ignores her complaints. Against my better judgement I give her a price at $25 per service. Still about 150 more expensive then the other guy. Then she mentions pre paying and I gave her the 5% discount for paying the total upfront. I got within $100 bucks of her current lco. At this point im thinking to myself, "ok now im going to get the damn account and hate it all year"... she replies, "no sorry thats too expensive, i im sorry you can't be cheaper then my current lawn guy"
I almost smacked her one real good. I held back my anger, but she could totally read my face. I think she was a bit embarressed to be complainning about her current guys service then expecting a cheaper qoute. This is the killer though. She then offers me honey roasted peanuts out of a jar on the table like its some consilation. I didn't really want any but I thought I may aswell get something for wasting my time. As I reach in she says, "Take alot, how bout you just take the whole jar!,"... I couldnt believe it... the b*tch tried giving me a can of peanuts to try to compensate for wasting my time. You better believe it, I took those peanuts. And they were good.


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I would have asked her what was in the frig. Or in fact, tell her sure you will do it for the same price, but everyday that I come I want a jar of peanuts sitting outside for part of the payment


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to bad they didnt have cashews or pistachios.then it would have been more worth your while but just honey rosted peanuts that sucks.