No dealers in my area to demo a machine!

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Turf Dancer, May 21, 2003.

  1. Turf Dancer

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    I am in the market for a couple of machines, A 32" or 36" walkbehind. Probably a 32" for gated areas!

    Main problem is I want to narro down the ZTR I want to buy. I am a 1 man show and could jump to a 3 man show by next spring. I prefer to stay solo as long as possible. I thought I had narrowed the ZTR search down to Hustler and Exmark because everyone on Lawnsite seems to think those are the 2 best for the most part. I can' seem to find a Hustler dealer any where within 225 miles to demo machine. I keep hearing the talk from guys on Lawnsite about The Hustler and Exmark ZTR's but as I said in the Exmark forum, I can get demos on most of the other major ZTR's here so why can't I get a demo or find a dealer that knows anything about your products ? I was sold on either a Super Z, Super Mini Z or E****k L***r For some reason your dealers don't seem to care about selling machines or satisfing a potential customers needs! They say well once you think you know what you want we will take a deposit and order you the Machine you want ! What Gives ?
  2. NYRookie

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    I agree with Turf Dancer. My closest dealer is in Syracuse, 2.5 hrs away. I am looking for a 48" w/b, right now an Exmark belt. If I could find a closer dealer, I would like to demo the hydro w/b.
  3. mowerconsultant

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    I have some new dealers coming on soon in a few different areas in upstate Ny, where are you located ? e-mail me your town and zip code
    I will e-mail you to notify you when there set up and when they have equipment.
  4. Turf Dancer

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    So is anyone going to give me an anwser ? Maybe you should advertise that your dealers only care about potential customers within 10 miles of their store ! I tried again today ! I called another Hustler dealer and guess what ! They told me to find my local dealer ! They said that I am not in their area ! I did however find a new Bobcat dealer 45 miles away who told me to come on over and Pick up the 36" wb and use it, he said I could also pick up the ZTR and bring it home and try it for a day ! I talked to the Toro and Scag dealer 65 miles away and hey he said come on over we can arrange a demo! What about Hustler ! Oh yeah I talked to your dealer in Milwaukie Or and guess what off the Top of his head he knew what color the Hustlers are and he knew other important facts like technical stuff ! He was even somewhat helpful! but guess what they have no interest in doing a demo out here in the eastern part of the state! They said the same thing we will order what you want ! I guess I will demo the following Toro, Scag, Great Dane, Ferris, Bob Cat, MTD Pro, and even a Walker ! I will let you know what I buy ! 4 of these are coming from dealers that are 210 miles plus away from me ! Notice no E****k or Hustler on the list ! No big deal be cause today I found out that I am on the brink of getting a large group of commercial properties! As a one man show this will make me grow with another companies mowers on my trailers !
  5. Turf Dancer

    Turf Dancer LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am not impressed with your network of dealers ! I talked to another dealer today ! Same story ! We can order you one when you know for sure what you want ! I just typed about a 300 word reply to your reply but It apparently got deleted !

    I was lucky though! I found a Bob Cat dealer 45 miles away and a Toro and Scag dealer 65 miles away they are gung ho to demo Walk behinds and ZTR's ! I will also be doing a demo with the dealer from Portland which is 210 miles away his door to mine, He is bringing a Ferris to demo ! he thinks as far as my needs with a having a bagging system it is the best for me of the 7 lines he carries. He also is bringing 2 walkbehinds with him .

    Plain and simple some companies only want to sell in the big city I guess! Oh I guess if I spend $30,000 on Mowers by next spring none of your dealers would be interested in that ! apparently they all sell dozens at once! and have no interest in selling say just maybe like 4 machines to one guy over the course of 9 months !

    Guess what ! All of your so called great dealers will never get a cent of my money ! I tried ! but hey they had no interest! One of your dealers didn't even know what kind of engines your mini Z's have on them, he said " I think they are running B&S , But I am not sure! IT took him 30 minutes to give me a price and then another guy told me that those were not even close !
    Your dealer quoted me $6700 for a Super Mini Z ! The same machine a different dealer quoted $8700 why the huge difference ? was the $6700 the dealer cost and he screwwed up ?
    My advise to you is find some new dealers who want to sell your product! I know a company here in town that would sell a commercial line if they didn't have to buy a bunch of machines all at once to do it !
  6. Artman

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    Turf Dancer and others,

    We at Hustler apologize that you are having trouble getting a demo on a Hustler. We realize that LawnSite has really raised our profile among contractors. As you can imagine, we WANT you to have an opportunity to try a Hustler as we think given a chance you probably will buy Hustler. Truth is we do not have the quantity and quality of dealers we need in every part of the country. Our dealer network has grown about 650% in the past two years. It is continuing to grow. If you know a good dealer who provides superior customer support, we would love it if you would mention us to them as a possible line of equipment. Many of our new dealers have come to us this way.

    No, we are not only interested in the big-city dealers. In Kansas we have gone from 1 dealer to nearly 30 in just two years. I can assure you that there are not 30 big cities in Kansas.

    Call us at 1-800-395-4757 and we will do everything in our power to give you an opportunity to demo a Hustler.

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