No excuse for no insurance

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Tharrell, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Tharrell

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    I got my insurance today. I had to because I got some commercial accounts. I know I should have done it sooner but after reading most of the posts on here, I was afraid I couldn't afford it. Well my friends, I got 1 million for $204 a year with Farm Bureau(sp?) AND it includes pest! Hey, 100k,200k is only $175 a year. I would encourage EVERYONE starting out to go get it. As I said, there is no excuse. If you're starting out, your volume will be low and it's cheap. Mine won't increase until my volume goes over 17k and as I said to the agent, we'll both be happy when that happens! Go get it.
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    Very good and I agree with you, the actual cost broken down per day is not a lot of money. We carry $2 million Liability and it works out to $12 a week roughly. How could someone in the business not think its wise.
  3. Charles

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    Here is an example of why you need insurance. I was doing a commercial lot behind a car lot. I hit a rock with the weedeater. The rock flies like a rocket about 20 ft and hits the back window of a used truck for sale--price tag about 350$ The Manager of the lot said if it had been a new truck then it would have cost over 1000$ to replace. Ya it doesnt cost much for the piece of mind if for nothing else
  4. rshofcols

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    but you have to have it. I have a million liability on the business and this also covers replacement cost on two lazer Z, a 32,2 21 " hondas and misc equipment.I have fire and theft on the mowers and it runs me around $400.00 per year. I have commercial liability for two men over 35 and no tickets covering a 95 f-150 (liability only) and full coverage on a 05 f-150 w/500 on comp and 1000.00 on collision and that runs me $1500.00 per year and also covers towing a 12 foot trailer
  5. rshofcols

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    the mowers are all exmarks and all brand new
  6. wheeling22

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    [, I got 1 million for $204 a year with Farm Bureau(sp?) AND it includes pest! Hey, 100k,200k is only $175 a year.

    Where do you live that you can get insurance that cheap ? I called many companies and the lowest was $2000.00 a year. I have a very small Lawn Care company that my son and run, Since he is 17 nobody wants to insure us.
    What is the FARM BUREAU ?


  7. richmadmax

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    Yes insurance sucks, but you need it. What would happen if you hit some thing or hurt somebody. Where would you be if they sue you? Up the creek without a paddle. a million dollar insurance for what $200. 00 or little more. Not having insurance is dumb and cheap. THINK ABOUT IT.
  8. lawnandplow42

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    So is this just considered a business insurance?
  9. rodfather

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    I think you would have to be awfully stupid not to carry insurance. Period
  10. richmadmax

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    Liability insurance. It is so important to have and so easy to get. don't be stupid. Take a little time and i mean little time to get it.

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