no fert or pesticide cert needed in mn


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I guess you need to be a certified to spray or spread fertilizer in mn if your doing it for charity. But how can you afford to buy chemical and a helper for charity. I say helper because that's what the is.

This started this summer when I saw a lco pull up spray with a 4 wheeler and another spray with a back pack sprayer. Neither one had gloves or proper shoes, wore shorts. They sprayed this small printing place, left and never put a marker by each of the drives (3). After people came out for lunch and sat in it because they had no clue it was sprayed. I shut my mower off and told them what it was. They had to go home shower and change. So I turned him in because it was just plain dumb. The mn dept of ag said they took care of it. I still see him spray with no markers, so I'm like wtf?? So today I get a letter saying the lawn care company was doing charity work and did nothing wrong. I know he.sprays all over in cluding hoa.

So basically any one can just spray and do what ever you want. Maybe he just gets "tips". Anyone else heard of this? If you want a copy of the letter pm me an email addy or cell number. I might post it tomorrow. Anyone going to the northern green EXPO and want to see it I'll be there Thursday
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