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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonServices, May 14, 2010.

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    I bid a job earlier in the week for full service landscape maintenance. It included everything from the first cut (the lawn was like a foot tall and hadent been edged or string trimmed in years) to the final cleanup, including chem apps and pruning. It came out to 2,800 for the year which I divide into equal payments for the duration of the season. Any way my "friend" of 7 years found out the house was getting a bid and went unsolicited to the home and gave an estimate on the spot bid of $800 a year cheaper! He is $9 a cut below my price and is also not providing some of the services I had in the agreement with the customer. He did the cut immediately after he gave the bid for $50 dollars. His guys took 2 hours to do the first cut... they make $16 per hr and $12 per hr. Thats $56 dollars he spent to get a $50 dollar job. I saw his guys there called him got the info from him and asked why the hell he was lowballing. He just said Im doing what I need to so I can get the job...I suggest you do the same. I told him to go F#*% himself.
    I padded the bid a little to be able to come down a bit on the price when the customer as usual would ask me to do a little bit better so when I speak with the husband tomorrow Im going to take the $200 padding off my price try to explain the differences in the bid and why he should stay with me but im not hopeful.
    Im burnt because its easy to blame lowballing on "that type of company" but this was one of my good friends in the industry...
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    I don't trust people no further than I could throw a bull elephant. Don't matter who, old, young, male, female, crippled, lame, deaf, blind, you name it. Everyone has their own set of rose coloured glasses and perhaps their rose colored glasses view things differently from mine but this is what I say to that.
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    i dont trust anyone either. i dont tell my friends about where my work is or where i put in bids at. they all work for landscape company my friends that is. trust no one!
  4. topsites

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    What your friend did may not have been right but there's your problem right there,
    I guess it happens as one might say greed gets the best of some?

    Don't get me wrong but just give them the best price upfront,
    now someone wants to undercut that's their choice but at least
    you can wish them GFL and lol
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    I have learned that there are certain people I can trust and certain people who you can't. When it comes to business, I can honestly say that I trust the salesman I know at my dealer very, very much. I can trust my customers to an extent, 90% of my customers have been great.

    I guess that someone "stabbing you in the back" like that is life. Its going to happen, but usually not from a good friend.
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    I have a few friends in this biz, and a few guys that aren't "friends" but I know them. I try to get along with them. No since in trying to steal their jobs, unless I am approached by their customer. Then I will put in a bid. What your friend did wasn't very loyal to you. He went after the job.
  7. FLAhaulboy

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    Well said.

    "He just said I'm doing what I need to so I can get the job...I suggest you do the same."

    I realize your pissed off at the guy but he did give you some excellent advice here! I'd advise you start writing up contracts.
  8. Cummins343

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    It's lawn mowing, get over it.
  9. Sammy

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    Hey, you got caught High-Balling someone. Oh well !
  10. ShooterK2

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    One thing I have found out in my years as an entrepreneur is that good friends are HARD to come by, and you have to be willing to let some jobs go to another guy if he can make it work for his business and still do it cheaper. Sounds like you and he just have different methods of pricing to the customer, and this particular customer liked his way the best. Sorry to hear it, but you gotta let it go.

    Also, and this is just my opinion, but if I were to lose a job to someone else, regardless of whether I know them or not, I'd never stoop to the level of CALLING them and asking what they are getting paid for doing the job. That information is not my business and in no way concerns me, not to mention how unprofessional it is to ask for such information. When they get off the phone, they're gloating in the fact that I lost the job and they got it. Regardless of whether they're actually MAKING money or not.

    The point is, you bid a job and didn't get it. It doesn't matter who DID get it, or for how much. Life goes on.

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