No fuel at rail (95 D2500)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by topsites, Sep 5, 2011.

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    1995 Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L gasoline vin 5

    About a week or so ago the truck would not start after I put gas in it, although it did sputter a bit acting like it wanted to...
    After some testing about I fortunately found that banging on the fuel tank got it going again
    and other than having to bang on the fuel tank once or twice a day it would run decent.

    FF to Sunday...
    Dropped the fuel tank, replaced the fuel pump.
    It was no easy task...

    It ran for a bit and I thought all was good but then I realized I wasn't getting enough fuel,
    soon as I'd give it some gas it started to die, but I drove to the fuel station to
    put some gas in it...

    The fuel gauge, the float to which is attached to the fuel pump, doesn't work anymore.
    But I put 5 gallons in it plus after I re-installed the tank I dumped some in too, there's probably near 10 gallons in there.

    Now it won't even sputter.
    Testing on the rail port reveals little to no fuel getting through.
    Disconnected fuel line below the rail and at the fuel tank, blew air through going backwards, this went well so
    I am assuming there is no clog in the main line.

    The relays appear good.

    Checking the 4-wire harness connector to the pump, I get 5v on one lead...
    Nothing on the other 3.
    Not sure if this is normal, not sure if the pump is even working, how to test it.

    Any ideas?
  2. topsites

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    F it, I need this truck for my work and I'm at wits end, I've dropped that fuel
    tank 3-4 times and still it's not running so I just placed the call to have it towed.
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    Sucks I didn't see this post earlier. Let me know how things turn out. Several weeks ago I went to fuel up and got in the truck, start her up. She didn't and kind of sputtered. Finally she kicked. Turned out to be a bad ASD relay. What psi reading were you getting at the fuel rail?
  4. topsites

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    I meant to update this thread...

    Well, I just push the little valve down at the test port and so long fuel comes spewing out, gtg.
    I wasn't getting much, if any at all.

    Now, fast forward, the mechanic I took the truck to I've known for a number of years and he is good...
    He noticed that the main fuel line had two kinks on a rubber section of the hose,
    which was preventing fuel from flowing freely to the engine, even straightening
    the hose as much as possible by hand didn't quite fix it.

    That alone I am not sure I would have ever figured out, I could see the kinks but it just never occurred to me.

    Here it gets better, the only place that would have this roughly 7-foot piece of steel-plastic fuel line
    would have been the dealership, and they discontinued making the part some years ago!
    Ridiculous if you ask me, but what can you do?

    They ordered an aftermarket set of lines and managed to fabricate me a new one, the truck should be ready tomorrow.

    I figure I'm out 400-500 or so but that's not bad, believe me.
    I'll just be glad when it runs again.
  5. fixer67

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    Most pumps have one way check valves that would prevent air from getting blown back-wards from the engine to the tank.
    How much pressure did you use? What is the rated rail pressure for that truck? If you used too much air pressure you may just have tripped the pressure regulator which would have by passed the fuel pump and vented the over pressure into the tank though the regulator dump port.
    If the pressure was really high you could have blown a hose loose.
    Can you hear the pump running? You could have a loose wire.
    Most pumps of this type are high speed rotary type pumps. If you hook the wires up backwards the pump will run but will not pump any gas.

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