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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bobcat_ron, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. bobcat_ron

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    I dropped in at my Bobcat dealer to get a replacement hose fitting for my jackhammer, and I popped the question, "So am I still allowed on the property?"
    Good news is, Yes, no hard feelings.
    Thanks to the letter I emailed them back in December '07 they knew there were obvious reasons and Bobcat can't compete. The parts person (one of 2 sons that own the place) said if he were given the choice between Cat and Bobcat pilot controls, Cat would be the no brainer due to all the negative results Bobcat has had and they have seen and heard of. Other things we both brought up were the hydraulic systems, he could not believe that Cat uses the Open Loop system, he still claimed that Bobcat uses the Closed circuit so there is less oil to filter out, true, but I came back with there is more heat generated and more pressure that gets built up, and he also agreed with me. He knows the reasons of why I switched to Cat and he can't (and won't) put up any fight against me as we both understood that I never made any comparisons between Cat and Bobcat's Undercarriage systems, that was just too much apples and oranges.
    But I was surprised when he made the remark about the pilot controls, but he did say that in a lower tone of voice so not to raise any fears of loosing his job. [​IMG]
    He did however tell me that if I ever wanted to trade in my Cat against a Bobcat in the future, I might not be treated that well or the trade in amount won't be satisfactory to me, but I assured him I am not coming back as I only put 100 - 200 hours on these machines in a year, so it's not worth it.

    It was a rather pleasant conversation, feels much better to get that aired out, but I still had to check all my tires and my tail pipe on my truck before leaving though. [​IMG]
  2. BrandonV

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    when i bought a sk650 instead of a mt my dealer was saddened... of corse i bought the 287b instead of the t300 a year earlier, of course w/ the sks the parts guy asked me if he could drive it... he couldn't believe the difference in power
  3. bobcat_ron

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    Oh and if mrsops is reading this, dude, I was going to snap off a crap load of pics, kind of "Bobcat Pornography" with all the new and used Bobcat equipment there, but the dealer was broken into 3 weeks ago and photography would have been a no-no, it would have looked like I was taking pic of the security cameras or something.
  4. mrsops

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    you miss that white and orange dont ya ron :)
  5. Lynden-Jeff

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    So whats the deal with the pilots? We are looking at a new S250 with pilots over the ACS.

  6. KPS

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    They are rather vague when you operate with them. There is a second or so delay when you move they sticks. I found it a little scary. The reliability is not there yet, so I've heard, the wires going to the drive motors are not protected very well and the wires rub and short out on eachother. There is a thread or two about this very issue on this site, well worth the read.
  7. Shadetree Ltd

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    Actually I think it was 3 times in two months. How are they with you regarding attachment rentals for the Cat. They sent me looking to JD because they have issues renting me attachments for the Ditch Witch SK650.
  8. bobcat_ron

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    The story behind the break in events were that 2 people cut through the chain link fence and jammed screw drivers into the Club Cars that Bobcat paints-n'-names, there were 2 stolen and a pair of 5 ton cube vans parked there, one in front and the other in the back behind the Subway parking lot, they had already managed to drive the first 2 ATV's out and were in the process of grabbing the 3rd one when pretty much all of "Abbistan's" Police Force (Abbistan being the new official word for Abbotsford due to the huge influx of people from the Pakistan regions) had them surrounded. Not too mention that one of the Bobcat Country trucks were stolen along with some one's trailer and they nearly stole a Bobcat skid steer, they are getting very crafty now.

    As far as rentals, I have one customer who was denied rental of a jack hammer on his Deere 328 skid, they told me that Deere's have a bad habit of blowing out seals in motors and hammers, so that says alot about how much hydraulic pressure and power other makes have, but Bobcat Country knows I will always look to them for rentals of Attachments only, excavators and skid will be handled from Cat Rentals, they got all new C series machines now, we are renting a new 301.8C right now and the operator loves it.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    I think you can consider the whole lower mainland area the land of foriegners.

    The criminals probably will get a slap on the wrist and back doing crimes again :angry:

    As for equipment dealers holding a grudge probably won't be happening too much. Equipment sales are going to start slowing down especially in the large equipment sales like 300-400 sized machines.

    Coming up next month at Ritchie Bros in Chemainus B.C. there will be millions of dollars worth of equipment being sold off.

    We do know why you went back to the bobcat dealer so you can drool over some superior orange and white equipment :laugh:
  10. bobcat_ron

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    They are the only hydraulic suppliers of that particular hose and fitting, I went to 1 Auto parts store and Truck Line parts and they didn't have that fitting and everyone was still closed due to the Holiday.
    But the 2008 models, looked exactly like the 2003's, no exterior changes and even they told me the "suspended" U/C was a joke. :laugh:

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