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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by noahb195, Oct 23, 2011.

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    If you were to call another LCO and ask advice on estimating, you will get laughed at. I had an old friend ask me the same thing last year and I you will have to find out for youself like every other LCO.
    Maybe I'm wrong but I wouldn't suggest this!
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    Well that's you, most guys i work around would and were more than happy to help me in their own small way, but in 10 minutes talking to you, i'd have learned all your secrets w/out you even knowing it. And why is this guy an "old friend?" Not sure about you, but in this business you need friends, infact the same guy i said lent me his hydroseeder for nothing a few years ago, and we've traded work ever since. I'm still a nOOb in his eyes but i offer huge jobs for him that i cant handle or have time for, in return he gives me smaller jobs he cant handle and that my guys can get done quickly without him having to say "i can get to it next week/month" So i WOULD suggest, if they laugh like some asses, move on and chalk that guy up as a prick and laugh as you take work off him anyways cause he's the way he is, and you're a half decent person who treats ppl with respect regardless of "nOOb" status.
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    Lawn cut prices vary by alot depending on your area, try asking your friends and family if they know anyone who pays for weekly mowing and have them ask.
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    @fdg following your model, which seems more than resonable, how much would you pay that 3 man crew that takes 10 minutes to cut a quarter acre?
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    Are you asking how much I pay hrly?
    My guys hourly rate is between $10 and $14, it all depends on the skill level, ability to drive (with a tailer and be careful... I guess responsible driving is a better word), how long you've been with the company, anyways that is for lawn mowing.

    Don't forget that they might take 5 to 20 minutes to get to the next house... plus loading and unloading equipment.... The act of mowing is something different than getting the job done.
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    @fdj so I guess what I really want to know is how you figure how much you want these 3 guys to produce in revenue say if they all get $15 and hour - what do you expect them to put in the pot now that they have collectively take $45 for one hour of time and there are 8 hours in a day.
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    I guess you'll pick out my entire business this way... but I have figured out that I cannot have a healthy business if I am not making at least $35/hr (for each employee) but I always aim a bit higher. IN another words my customers pay at least $35/hr/man.

    And to be completely honest, lawn mowing is just bread and butter, for me at least, it is an steady income that isn't all that well paid, at least in our area due to market saturation.

    My income relies on clean ups, installs... the general "landscaping" idea.
    But tree removal really takes in at the top on profit to expenses ratio.

    I figure that the more skills a job requires the better it pays, and the more experience you have the more profitable you can make your business be.
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    @FDJ Thanks so much it is much clearer now. I only have one very very part time guy who helps me with everything but lawns I am almost at a full house for the number of customers I have, in RI if it grows I can touch it, everything else is off base - without a contractor license. I have avoided chemicals - but I see the need to get my persticide permit and I will do that this year, I don't want to do other hard scaping so not having a license allows me to say "I am not licensed to do so".
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    Wow great advice guys!
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    When I started out (officially) in May, I did so through a government program called the summer company program, and in said program, we had business professionals come and talk with us, mentor us, and give us some advice along the way. I will never forget what the first speaker said to us. He walked into the room and said "I don't know what you are charging, but I know it's not enough."

    basically, have two numbers in mind:

    have a price, and have a backup price. your backup price is a bargaining chip. like a card player, know when to get out, have some leaniance but don't cheap yourself out.

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