No Kids! Again An Unnecessary Accident.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by dkarol, May 16, 2005.

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    quote from the article "Investigators do not anticipate filing charges in the case."

    Why the F%*$ not.....I realaize it was an accident, but a preventable accident none the less...I realize the grandpa is going to have to live with this accident the rest of his life and I'm sure his son/daughter are not going to press charges, but I think the state needs to do something and start making examples out of these negligent/brain dead parents. You now have a "disabled" 6 year old girl whose life was ruined.....

    I don't know what punishment would fit, in this case, maybe community service at a hospital the specializes in Physical therape for amputee's

    My grandfather lost his leg below the knee when a women pulled into hardee and hit the gas instead of the brakes and pinned him tot he wall...No amount of money ever brought back his qualityof life that it was before the accident....This girl will be in the same boat, except instead 10 years she'll have 80 years to live with it....
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    Thats Horrible, accidents like that make my heart drop..... yes It's a terrible accident and it could have been avoided but i dont think the grampa should have any punishment.He will surely feel terrible the rest of his life over what happend a punishment wont really serve a purpose in this case.JMO
  4. Dashunde

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    Sad story, and I feel for the little girl, but...
    I learned to drive a mower (and pretty much everything else) BECAUSE my Gandpa had me on with him.
    Mowers, tractors, dozers, boats, motorcycles, jeep, firearms & chainsaws... all were taught to me by Grandpa before the age of 10... any one of them could have taken me out with a bit of bad luck and/or by my own stupidity.
    It was just a bad day for them...

    Enjoying life involves risk.
  5. MarcSmith

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    Again, I'm not sayingthathe has to go to jail or anything. and post some huge fine, but some community service would do some good.

    any time a parent leaves a kid in a car in the summer time or forgets to close the gate on their pool and their child drowns, its always they same thing...."The parents will suffer enough having to live with their negligence" Bullsnot! Part of the punishment is to help prevent others from having to feel that loss.....I don't speed any more, why, I was punished for my actions and saw that the ends did not justify the means and when they raised the fines it detered me from speeding....Obviously something a inane as community service won't stop a parent from being stupid, but when I was young and when my parenst were young, this type of stuff did not happen with the regularity that it does today, or at the very least was not reported.
    4300 deaths as a result of injury for the top 20 leading casues...ages 3-14

    I was unable to get the facts an figures for those injured not killed, and what about those who are injured but not taken to the hospital....

    how many kids have to die or get injured needlessly before the people who "care" for them are held accountable.....I'm not talking about the kid who runs down the street and skins his knee or climbs a tree and falls out and breaks an arm. I'm talking the parents having a massive brain fart...
  6. Dashunde

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    Punishing Grandpa would serve absolutely no purpose.
    He wouldnt be an "example".
    He wouldnt be somehow positively impacted in any way. Nor would society.
    It would only make some people feel better because that bad ol' stupid Grandpa got in trouble.
    These same satisfied people have absolutely no interest in the true well-being of the little girl - If so, send some $ for a new prosethetic foot, she is going to need several over the years. Otherwise, mind your own business by ensuring the saftey of your own by learning from the misfortunes of others.

    We already have enough people in trouble for simple "accidents".
    Accidents are not criminal, and I for one am full-up with the notion that blame, punishiment, liability, accountability and plain ol' retribution must lay on the shoulders of some poor sole for every goofy thing that happens nowadays.
  7. Remsen1

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    I couldn't disagree with you more. Knowing what he did and having to live with it is punishment enough. Put yourself in his shoes, do you really think community service or something would make him feel worse or more sorry about what he did? No. I'm sure he feels as sorry as a person can possibly feel.

    Anyway, people generally don't get punished for accidents unless there is gross negligence, but an excited kid running in front of a mower doesn't constitute gross negligence. It's a horrible thing that should never have happened, but I don't think punishment is necessary.
  8. MarcSmith

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    I absolutely do not feel that grandpa would feel any worse than he did onthat day, except the fact that he will see his granddaughter, let say for the next 30 some odd years and feel that remose every day he sees her....

    I was speeding and ran into a ditch in my car when I was 16. Accident...nope negligence and stupidity......At TGLC on of our guys was cutting grass with his chute up and ran over a chunk of metal and hit one of the guys who had to have a testicle reomved...accident...nope negligence ont he fact the operator left the chute up and did not clear the area before cutting.....I rear-end another car accident...nope negligence on my part, following too closely.

    Maybe if the grandpa had not had his grandson on his lap he may hev been able to stop in time, maybe if he had not been given them rides this woudl not have happened. Negligence....

    The problem is that not enough people are learning form the mistakes of others.....There should have only been one death from people leaving kids in cars on a summer day....But you'll hear of more every year.....

    Accidents can be criminal, It one thing if you wan to risk you own life, but risking those of your children and grandchildren is insane. He could have just as easilyu been giving them rides with the blades off, worst case then you may have broken leg........

    Was grandpa stupid, yep....I care about the well being of that girl and the coutless others that have gotten injured and will continue to get injured, but it preventable thats the worst part.....
  9. MarcSmith

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    Good idea....let the rest of society pay for the mistakes of one.... and then sweep it under the carpet and bury our head in the sand....

    It has been said that unless we learn from our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them. Let us hope that our knowledge and understanding can empower us to make a difference.

    not my quote, but a good one....
  10. Dashunde

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    Punishing the old man is not going to keep this type of accident from happening again and again and again.
    All that punishment would really accomplish is to make a bad situation worse... and for the benefit of who? You?
    Who cares what you and I think about the situation?

    Accidents are always preventable... but we are human and that is all there is to it.

    We are always quick to point our finger at someone else who unintentionally messed up hoping for some sort of bad karma to befall them... until its our turn on the other end.

    btw... My perspective on intentional criminal behaviour is quite different.

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